Hello, I am EclipseDragon, and welcome to my den!(lol)

This world is for interesting tags, game tips, and other things I can find/think of! XD

Note: My former alias here is Wolfgamer, so if you see anything with
the old logo on it, that would be mine.

Here's a bit about me:

Name: *Classified Information*
Location: *Classified Information*
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Greenish-Hazel
Age: 19
Likes: Anime, videogames, manga, movies, books, dragons, humor, pizza, *cut for space limitations*
Dislikes: People who DO NOT wash their hands, hypocrites, beets, cabbage, tarantulas, and other things...

Music: I'll listen to anything. Seriously. However, I prefer a variety of rock, anything with a beat, and classical.

Fav. Anime/ Manga: Hetalia, Highschool of the Dead, The Demon Ororon, Rave Master, Bleach, Naruto(series), Vampire Knight, FullMetal Alchemist(series), Kekkaishi, Trigun, Fruits Basket, Night Of The Beasts, Death Note, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!(series), Case Closed, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, and others I am too lazy to list.

Fav. Videogames: Persona (series), Disgaea(series), Kingdom Hearts(series), Shadow Hearts(series), Devil May Cry(series), Chrono Trigger, Time Crisis 2, Valkyrie Profile(series), Dance Dance Revolution(any of 'em), Final Fantasy(Dissida, Dissida 012, Crisis Core, VII, Dirge Of Cerberus, X) and so many, many more... :)

#1 movie: How To Train Your Dragon

Quote of The Moment:
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
-H.P. Lovecraft

Super Devil Trigger (DMC 2)

For some reason, I found out in Devil May Cry 2, Dante has a Super Devil Trigger. It happened during the the final boss in disc one, but I have no idea how I did it. I'll tell you more as soon as I find out how I found it... but, I think it has something to do with switching the disc before you complete it. Maybe. I'll tell you my findings later.

The Case of Cory

Last week in school, my friend clueless101 came into class with red dye on her hands, and then another friend said 'did you kill somone?' "Yes,yes I did." 'She must've killed Cory' Then for the next 2 days, he didn't show up at all. Then my friend said it would be funny if he was in the hospital.'What happened?' "THis carzy lady tried to kill me with a baseball bat" '.........' It would've been funny if he came in on Monday, but he came in on Friday. It was still funny though.

1st Dragon Egg(Monster Hunter PS2)

There are two ways to do your first dragon egg egg request. One way involves taking alittle time. What you have to do is throw a Paintball at the dragon and then wait it out in the area outside it. You need to keep an eye on your minimap and wait ...

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A Challenge

A friend of mine introduced me to this puzzle. You have to cross each line once WITHOUT going through the same line twice. I'm getting mad at it so I decided to post this on theOtaku for other people. It's frustrating, but addicting!

The Game XD

In honor of a friend, I am posting the Rules on theOtaku. This shall get the world to start playing the game!!!