Hello, I am EclipseDragon, and welcome to my den!(lol)

This world is for interesting tags, game tips, and other things I can find/think of! XD

Note: My former alias here is Wolfgamer, so if you see anything with
the old logo on it, that would be mine.

Here's a bit about me:

Name: *Classified Information*
Location: *Classified Information*
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Greenish-Hazel
Age: 19
Likes: Anime, videogames, manga, movies, books, dragons, humor, pizza, *cut for space limitations*
Dislikes: People who DO NOT wash their hands, hypocrites, beets, cabbage, tarantulas, and other things...

Music: I'll listen to anything. Seriously. However, I prefer a variety of rock, anything with a beat, and classical.

Fav. Anime/ Manga: Hetalia, Highschool of the Dead, The Demon Ororon, Rave Master, Bleach, Naruto(series), Vampire Knight, FullMetal Alchemist(series), Kekkaishi, Trigun, Fruits Basket, Night Of The Beasts, Death Note, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!(series), Case Closed, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, and others I am too lazy to list.

Fav. Videogames: Persona (series), Disgaea(series), Kingdom Hearts(series), Shadow Hearts(series), Devil May Cry(series), Chrono Trigger, Time Crisis 2, Valkyrie Profile(series), Dance Dance Revolution(any of 'em), Final Fantasy(Dissida, Dissida 012, Crisis Core, VII, Dirge Of Cerberus, X) and so many, many more... :)

#1 movie: How To Train Your Dragon

Quote of The Moment:
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
-H.P. Lovecraft

The Stream Plan (Sometime this week, just keeping you posted)

Okies, my scanner is up and running, I've scanned in several things... but no stream today/tonight. Not feeling so hot.

However, it WILL be sometime this week. Just a place to chat, point out any flaws in the artwork, listen to music, and even crack a few jokes if you have any.

My plan:

The following will be touched up, colored, and shaded in Photoshop using a drawing tablet:

Shadow Hearts Fanart
Speed Request from someone on dA
Ushiro Fanart

Depending on how many show up, it will end with either a free request right on the spot, or some HetaOni (No one voted on the last post, so I had to choose). How many, I will not say. If it does get to the free request, it will be decided by a random trivia question on a video game/anime, so brace yourself.

I'll post something with a link to the stream when it's time, but until then, enjoy this trailer for HetaOni.

(And before anyone asks, just in case, the game is sprited, which means 2D FF style graphics. The story is really something, though.)

Because Streamtime is Funtime, right?

How's it going? Sorry for the long hiatus that was unannounced, stuff can be really crazy... what? Huh? Didn't notice I was gone?

...... alright, moving on... >_>'

Been wanting to fire up a livestream lately, but really haven't had the resources. Gonna try to get everything set up for one tomorrow, but nothing is set in stone. Just some gifts and personal art, finished up on a drawing tablet. There will be music, mainly from Youtube. I'll be open to requests for certain songs as I draw, so yeah.

I'm also thinking about airing an RPG Maker game, but I really dunno what... one of the following two:

HetaOni: A slightly dark Hetalia RPG, influenced by Ao Oni. Played the first version, and liked it a lot. Was gonna start from scratch, and let you guys pick what to do at certain points in the story.

The Witch's House: Indie Game involving a trek through a haunted house, solving puzzles, and there are scary moments, from what I've heard.

You can place a vote in the comments for which game, and if you wanted to attend or not. Would like to know if people would attend if I ever aired one.


Eh, been finding it hard to draw lately. (Not good)

So, I've been Youtube surfing and came across this. I think it looks REALLY cool, and I'd thought I'd share it. Something like this would REALLY go under the radar.

Just a Teaser Trailer for a game that's being made in Japan by Level-5. If this get released and ported to the US, I will be VERY happy. (Gotta love the scary things~)

Too... much... AFK Time!


How long has it been? Months? A year? I have NO idea... @[email protected]

In any case, this profile needs a dusting of cobwebs, some new, shiny pieces of art, and I need to say hi to all my old buddies!

Stuff happens, times change, but it's just nice to get back to your roots in the art ares, no?

Glad to be back, now TIME TO GET MY GAME FACE ON!

External Image

*Art is mine, character is not


Well, I had to email myself the pictures because my flashdrive is dead, but I have them and now it is time to start. I'll post up the link to my channel, and you are all free to hop in. HOWEVER, if you cause a problem, you will be booted out of the channel. The Shin Megami Tensei image is incomplete, so I replaced it with an old ink in my sketchbook. However, the Bleach and Pokemon image are alright, and they will be finished up as well. If things go faster than expected, then I might also Livestream a game. To communicate, use the chat box to side. You'll be asked to enter a username so I can identify you, but that's about it. Without further ado... THE LIVESTREAM!

(Livestream ended at 10:16 PM)