Welcome to the 2013 eCard Secret Santa Event hosted by myself, Soulanime14, and Kbreeze12!

Note: This event is exclusively for eCards, though artists of all skill levels are encouraged to participate! ItachiSasuke is one of three members hosting the Fanart Secret Santa Event, alongside Aryia and MangaKid, so keep an eye out for that event alongside others.

Entry Submissions CLOSED


Important dates

Questions/comments/concerns? PM me or leave a comment.


Enjoy and have fun!

Gift Time!!

It's December 21st and guess what that is? Yup it's the day you can submit your SS gifts!! Remember that your gifts need to be posted by the 31st. So have fun these wonderful holidays and start posting those gifts!

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Participant List!

Registration is now closed!
Wishlists will be added as they come in.

1. DemonsandAngels - Wishlist
2. ItachiSasuke
3. luicifers wife
4. Hifsa - Wishlist
5. BnZ
6. Evalinna - Wishlist
7. zombieusagi - Wishlist
8. Sakura Tachibana - Wishlist
9. Vosh - Wishlist
10. xAsukachanx - Wishlist
11. Allie Elric - Wishlist
12. Aryia - Wishlist
13. Hana Ishida
14. aka yuki - Wishlist
15. yuko9kost - Wishlist
16. KyraChan - Wishlist
17. JanetChan - Wishlist
18. 21Emmz12
19. ChibiMarco - Wishlist

Any Substitute Secret Santas will be listed again below.


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Well since the sign up period is now over we need to have all of your wishlists. You can send them to me or elricbrothersfan through private message or you can post them here in the comments! Once we get all the wishlists (hopefully it's soon!) we can start assigning the santas so we really need to get them as soon as possible. Also thank you too all our lovely participants I really appreciate you guys in joining this event and I know it's going to be great!

Last Day to Sign Up!

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Just letting any of you guys know that haven't already signed up for the E-card Secret Santa event that you have until the 29th of this month, this Friday, to still sign up!! We would love to have as many people as possible to sign up and make this event great! Also if possible spread the word around these last remaining days! If you have any questions you can message me or elricbrothersfan.

Also letting you know that your Wishlists should be posted by the 2nd of December and once you have them just message me or elricbrothersfan with the link and we'll update it! Thank you to all the people that have signed up it really means a lot for you guys to participate thanks for making this event awesome already!

Important Dates

All the important dates are compiled here:

NOVEMBER 29 - Cutoff date for participation

DECEMBER 2 - Wishlists need to be posted and PMed to me

DECEMBER 21 through 31 - Gifts can be posted