Hi. My name is Dustiiiiiinnnnn! Once Big Puppy, now I am XxxHotEmoBastardxxX. Because that name is much sexier.

I am 17 years old, a proud homosexual, a vampire, apparently taken, and a dirty dancer in my free time!(which is ALL the time boys. Seriously, I'm not allowed within a 2o-foot radius of my school anymore! Only kidding. Or am I?) I'm a bit brutally honest and rude but I have on redeemable quality, Im good in bed.

I do not want a myOtaku account just yet. I have to become more committed to to this one first. Tch. Like that will ever happen.....

So, I am assuming you hate me already. Well, I probably hate you too.

P.S. Hey, n00b, guess what? I want to pierce my f*cking brain.......seriously. Ain't it lovely?

Neurotically Yours,

Graduation Party it is!

Last night me, David, Patrick, and Addison went our friend Jason's graduation party and it was fun!

We had this pointy party hat joust where we'd just run into each other and stuff with the hats on. It was mainly that, dancing, drugs, drugs, and more drugs. Addison didnt participate in that stuff though and neither did David. Instead they were making fun of the kids on drugs by mimicking us. It was some of the most ilarious shit on Earth. They were pretty accurate for not being on anything id say. XD

Anyways, like when we were near the dance floor Addison spotaneously shouts "Let's party like it's 2008!" And Patrick is like "Addison, it IS 2008." And Addison just puts his party hat on blows on his "pet" kazoo "Thinklemortern"(he keeps it in his pocket) and said "Happy New year!"
But I wasnt really paying much attention because I was drinking and "talking" to David(as in some potted plant apparently). And after a few minutes of that Addison puts on his party hat, charges, and rams me in the ass. I swear the only think more painful than that would be the same thing only taking it to my fucking groin! DX


Moo Moo! I'm vodoo cursing you!

Well as some of you may already know I've been trying to get my own personal account here for some time. Well now I have 3 fucking accounts. Isnt it amazing? Especially considering I cant use any of them somehow. :P
Me and my friend were emailing each other for hours to figure it all out and in the end I've discovered this play has more glitches than AerisDies.(That site doesnt even have good porn so it sucks.) And I'm not sorry for not being on because Ive had so much fun wasting my days on that. Oh well. Summer starts soon......

Psst! Wanna hear a secret? david works at McDonalds now! Hehehe. Loser. XD

I found another avatar of Addison on an online search. That guy is crazy popular....its funny thoguh because his fame online scares him! X]

Duhhh....uhhhh.....me so stupid.....

Okay enough of that now. Onto serious business:
Apparently I am loved. I'm in a relationship now......seriosuly, how the fuck did that happen? I guess I'm actually attractive to someone. Yeah. I'm still trying to let it sink in too.

Oh and my mom took my happy pills away and accused me of overdosing on them. When actually I was getting hopped up on painkillers at my aunt's dinner party. Look, it's her fault for bringing there in the first place

Go ahead. Say it. I'm a fucking idiot. I honestly will not hold it against you. Lola says I'm an idiot then she kicks me.....in the nuts.

OMFG!!!! PICTURE OF ME!!! LOOOOKKKKK!!!!! I flattened out my hair.....and I'm wearing my glasses.....yeah.....I look way different. Maybe it's just the way the medication makes me, the way operation made me, or the attention that only encourages me.


You heard me!! Im bored!! Entertain me!!