25 years have passed since Mikado Ryuugamine, creator of the Dollars, began his new story in Ikebukuro.
Now the time has come for his son, Saika, to begin his own chapter.
But here in Ikebukuro, some things never change...



Friends maybe?

Friends are hard to come by, but when one has a chance to make friends...even if just for appearances...One must take that chance and try..
Miyuki giggled at the discussion the two boys were having. She looked at Masaki.

"You think I am beautiful, ne?" she said shaking her head.
Miyuki turned her attention back to Saika.

"My name is Genda,Miyuki. But you can call me Miyu!" Miyuki said, realizing that she had not introduced herself to them.

Maybe these two would be different...maybe she could tell them...
No. She can't. Not if she wants another person lost because of her...

Miyu tugged at her neko hat.
"There's nothing you need to do to make it up to me...But you can show me around Ikebukuro...since I am new here. But of course you do not have to do anything, since you have done nothing wrong."

She gave him an earnest smile and wondered if he would accept that idea. after all, she had already missed her movie.

New faces and Embarrassing accusations

"No no! It's my fault I tripped and I fell...." the girl said, "Well..anyways...I should be more careful."

“N-no, it is my fault. I-am-sorry!” Saika blurted out again while bowing to the girl, “I should have been watching where I was going! I apologize.”

While during the boy’s hurried need to apologize to the girl, a quite laugh rolled through the air behind the boy.

“Saika, what a way you have with girls!” Masaki called out to them in his marry manner of his.

“Though I don’t think you are supposed to knock them over…” he went on, only pausing in between his next wording to adjust his posture into a more, thoughtful and intelligent way. “But, hey, I’m the one still alone over here and you have the beautiful girl. So maybe I have to change my tactics, hu?”

Saika meanwhile started turning red at his friend’s actions and hastily turned around in hopes of silencing him before he said something even worse.

“M-masaki-san! You know it’s not like that—,” then cut himself off knowing that if he kept going Masaki would as well. Then it would turn into a debate, and once you got Masaki going it was hard to stop him. Leaving the girl quite rudely ignored, for the time being, and Saika didn’t want her to think that he was rude as well after bumping into her.

So he turned back to the girl in front of him, bowed once more and with a nervous smile on his face said, “I am really sorry about all of this, and… Masaki-san. If I can make it up to you at all...”

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Random meetings and new faces

With every new day, comes the chance for new encounters and experiences. This city seems to call to people, drawing them in and making them a part of it's 'being'.

Gen'ei hadn't gotten far before his attention was drawn to a flock of birds, having rested in a nearby tree, now making their way through the sky.
"What do you see on your lofty flight, my friends...does the city call to you as well?" He spoke quietly, eyes focused on the sky even after the birds had gone.

In the midst of his thought, he was once again drawn out of them. This time by a crumpled paper ball hitting him in the back of his head.
Turning back around, he found a girl nervously bowing and apologizing over and over

"It's quite alright miss, really..." He politely answered, giving a small smile."Really no need to worry."

There are no coincidences. There is only hitsuzen.

Nothing in life is a coincidence...Everything happens for a reason...Whether we take those things and make them out own is what forms us... The girl runs into two boys. Will she make the best of this situation or will she push them away,...

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It is what it is, and nothing more...

‘"Yo Saika! Miss me bro?"’ Saika heard seconds before an arm wrapped around his neck and he was taken into a headlock.

“Ah! Masakii!” He said as he cried out in protest against the other boy’s open behavior, which quickly fell into laughter between the two.

'That’s Masaki for you. He always held that extrovert attitude, ready for the unexpected, and never one to sit and wait for what is to come next. He could constantly draw people in and amaze them, in contrast to my own more, introvert-nature.

Ikebukuro always seemed to suit him best and, at times, I found myself pondering as to why I chose to stay in a city such as this. After all I was nothing special; no one really took notice of me if Masaki wasn’t with me. I had a mother and a father that cared for me, good grades at school, a best friend and friends from outer groups. Yet, maybe that is it.

Could it be that hidden inside the normalcy, packed and hidden deep, within was the will to be more? To reach beyond the predictability and cultured nature and latch on to the brash and irrational creature that does lay dormant?

Could it really be that the Normal ones, the ones that keep to their regular routines and live life according to ‘the plan’, were the ones that fit here the most? Are only some are able to feed and keep content the creature that threatens to rip their world as they know it, apart? And the ones that aren’t strong enough turn into the people we see on the television, the most dangerous and…'

“Hello! Earth to Saika.” Masaki said mockingly as he gently shook Saika from his thoughts.

“Oh, S-sorry Masaki-san,” he muttered backing up and out of his hold, semi bowing to his friend.

“I was just-“ Saika started to say but was cut off by a slight bump and he had to catch himself from falling down. “Ah! I am Sorry!!”