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hello otakus! i'm sorry, but I have found out that there is a season 0 of yugioh and I cannot watch it for classified reasons


so I will not be able to do these fan-based parody-ish thingys,so until then I will wait until I can watch it,farewell otakus,who is in this world I am going to miss being in this world,watch alot of nyan cat! or nyan pikachu either works!

I shake your hand desu~


the next post is in my world ,sword art online,I made a mistake,when I wrote ch.3 I accidentally forgot to select which world I wanted it now it's in sword art online.oh well,we learn from our mistakes.i'm clumsy. and i'm proud!!!!!!!!!

ch.2 new home! happy!

yugi practically ripped the car door open,unbuckled my seat belt and jerked me out while grampa was getting my luggage

*he rushed to the door* kuruyami:"y-yugi,don't pull so hard" *he ignored me and waited for grandfather to open the door
* *he ran me down the back of the store and stopped at two doors across each other* *he opened the door on the left*
"kuruya-nyan! this is your room!" *grandpa walked down the hall and set down my luggage*
"here you go. I imagine yugi is exited to have you around."
kuruyami; "thank you."
grandpa:your welcome *I smiled at him and he smiled back* "well,kuruyami I've got to go see what yugi is doing.....make sure he isn't getting into trouble."

kuruyami:"alright grandfather,while your doing that i'll unpack" grandfather: that is a good the way me and yugi put your school uniform in you dresser

kuruyami:thank you grandfather: your welcome
*he walked back into the hall and I walked into the new room* kuruyami:" wow....they got everything all ready for me" *I rolled my luggage into the middle of the room and started to unpack*

adopted to be continued...

*the boy grabbed my hand* *he ran me over to a car*
kuruyami:"huh-?" "by the way kuruya-nyan you can call me yugi or yugi-onii-san,whichever works more" kuruyami;a-alright mr.yu-I mean y-yugi" "awwwwww....too cute" yugi murmured kuruyami:say-wha? GAH! n-nothing sempai yugi said blushing furiously kuruyami;" kinda remind me of a baby panda." d-do I?
"well that's enough of that."said yugi suddenly * walked over and unlocked the car* "alright kids let's go home" *yugi opened the door for me* kuruyami: "t-thanks yugi" I whispered *he winked at me*

* I got in the car* *yugi walked over to the other side and got in,so did* *I noticed a strange necklace yugi wore* "you can call me granpa by the way kuruyami,"said
kuruyami:"alright g-granpa-san..........hey....yugi? "


" did you get that necklace?"
"i'm glad you asked
granpa brought it for me from egypt kuruya-nyan"

ANDHOLYCRAPKURUYA-NYANWE'REHOME....time sure flys doesn't it kuruya-nyan? *I looked out the window* "a-a card shoppe?"

kuruyami: "I l-love duel monsters." I murmured,but yugi was already out running to the other side of the car

ch.1; adopted

I sat on my bed with my luggage by my legs,holding my stuffed bear,pedobear,"finally getting out of this stupid orphanage,"I thought

*mrs.yuuki walks in* hello,ms.michi? the moto family awaits you! have a great life! *she smiles and straightens her glasses*

*I lowered my head and walked out the door with my luggage,and pedobear into the office with mrs.yuuki in front of me* I see a nice looking family (a short boy with spikey hair,and standing beside him was an old man) *mrs.yuuki walks me over to the "mini family"*" ms.michi,this is yugi moto,and samuel moto, please come fill out some paperwork" * walked over to the front desk* (wich left me with yugi-chan) hi! kuriyami,was it? nice to finally meet you! will you be my friend...? wait I have to introduce you to tristen,tea,bakura,and joey first! * walked over* it's time to go home! sang

'come with me kuruya-nyan! it okay if I call you that?' *noddes* alright! kuruya-nyan let's go! yugi said