Day 26: Favorite Set Of Siblings

Hey-oh, everyone. I bet this is the longest thirty day challenge you've ever seen. Anyhow, I will (I hope) eventually finish this. I have explanations, but not really any excuses. I don't even know if anyone will still be interested. So, for today, my question…

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Ichiro and Ohjiro Mihara - from - Angelic Layer

Besides being pretty much the only worthwhile characters this train wreck of a show had to offer (Worst CLAMP show. Ever.) I loved the dynamics of these brothers relationship. Although they were not blood siblings, they had such a fun friendship and it was very interesting too see the flashback as to how they originally connected. Besides, it was wonderful the way they had completely different personalities and would always be playing off each other.

The only drawback is these two fellows had some of the worst taste in love interests ever created.

So, there you go, my answer for favorite set of siblings.