First I would like to say that, no, I am not dead.

I know that my absent on here would probably seem like I was. I promise that this was not planned - if it had been I would have given warning. But now I'm back and will be catching up on everything (I hope).

I am aware that I still have prizes to give out (and I wondered how anyone could be so late giving prizes - said I'd never be like that) and will get to them as soon as I figure out what/who I still have left.

I will also be replying to pm's and comments.

I also have a couple of wallpapers that I got randomly inspired to do so I will be getting those posted forthwith.

Finally, I have quite a few world posts that I need to catch up with, so I plan to be posting several over the next few days.

Now, I apologize to people that have been awaiting something from me (reply, prize, ect.) and say that I will try to make sure this never happens again.