Day 22: Your Favorite Opening Song From A CLAMP Anime

Meh, besides everything else, (being busy) I've gotten unaccountably lazy of late. It's as though I just don't have the interest in doing anything. Not to mention the fact that all my creativity in graphic work has completely dried up. If I cannot shake this soon I ay be taking an unintended sabbatical. Anyway, the answer to this question was very easy for me. There is one song from a CLAMP anime that I simply love, and that song is…

19sai by Shikao Suga - xxxHolic

I honestly don't remember my thoughts when I first heard this song. I think though that I probably found it annoying. Upon listening to it again, I absolutely fell in love with the song. It has remained my favorite opening from a CLAMP series, and is one of my all time favorite openings.

(I'll try to quite being so lazy and at least get the rest of these questions finished.)