Day 21: Favorite Recurring Theme In CLAMP's Series

Anyone else feel like the time to start posting Secret Santa gifts has crept up on you? I know it does to me and it doesn't help that my photoshop has been acting odd all day.

I would think that my answer to this is kind of obvious - as I've already mentioned my answer to this once before. Of course, it was some time back and a rather minor mention before. Anyway, my answer would be…(drum roll, please…)

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I love the close camaraderie that is depicted on so many CLAMP shows. There are just so many of those close, wonderful friendships and I just adore them. I love it when you have a group - or sometimes just a duo - of people that would do anything for the other person. And I think CLAMP just illustrates that so wonderfully in so much of their works.

Yup, that's my answer.