Day 20: Favorite CLAMP Related Cosplay

Yeah, so much for actually posting one of these a day. You know, like I was supposed to do. Anyway this question had me stumped for quite awhile. You see, I'm not that big of a fan of cosplay. And, honestly, I thought that I was going to have to dig through images to find something. Then I remembered looking for pictures of one of my favorite CLAMP girls and the way cosplay results would usually be mixed in with actual character images. Honestly I thought those were some of the coolest pictures I had seen. So, without further ado (yeah, 'bout time) my answer is…

External Image

Umi Ryuuzaki Cosplay

First, I love this outfit. Certainly my favorite of hers - at least, I think it is. Then there's the wig… Let's just say I've seen a few too many cosplayers that didn't get the hair even close. Anyway, I do really like this and think the cosplayer did an amazing job.

Yup, that's my answer.