A list of my anime shows+favorite character: V-Z

A list of all the anime shows that I have seen and my favorite character from each show. If I've written a review for the show, I will also include the link to it.

Vandread - Gasconge Rheingau
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This was a very difficult decision, finally I just went with my original favorite character. I chose this girl mostly because I thought she had a great attitude and I loved her view on things.

Wallflower, The - Ranmaru Mori
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I really thought this guy had a really great character (as opposed to nearly everyone else on the show). He was always so much fun, and even got a bit of character development.

Witch Hunter Robin - Yurika Dojima
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Besides the fact there was only one other person that I even liked slightly, she had the most personality of everyone on the show.

X/1999 (tv) - Arashi Kishu
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While I pretty much adored everyone on here, I loved this girls very serious, reserved and straight-laced personality.

X-MEN - Wolverine
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Okay, I'm biased. This guy has always been my favorite - I adore his attitude and the fact he always has a smart-alecky retort to everything.

xxxHolic - Yuko Ichihara
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This is the one character that really stood out to me - kind of an 'if you don't like the main girl' situation, because - while they were likable - none of the other characters really took off.

Yugo the Negotiator - Laila
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Simply because this girl was the only character - that actually had a name - that I liked. The worst thing is, she was a mute. But she was a sweet mute.

Yu Yu Hakusho - Kurama
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I've always liked this guy. I adore the way he handles things and that, while he is quite, he is certainly not shy or reserved.

Zakuro - Kei Agemaki
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Without a doubt, I thought he was the funniest person on the show and I just loved his personality.


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This is my final post for this, so I would like that thank anyone that actually read this thing all the way through. I do hope you enjoyed it.

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