A list of my anime shows+favorite character: S (pt:1)

A list of all the anime shows that I have seen and my favorite character from each show. If I've written a review for the show, I will also include the link to it.

Saiyuki - Genjo Sanzo
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This guy is a foulmouthed, foul tempered, generally unpleasant (well, most of the time) priest - and I adore him for it.

Sakura Wars - Sumire Kanzaki
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Besides be a tough girl that comes off very abrasively, I loved her personality and character growth.

Samurai 7 - Kyuzo
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While I really do like his quiet, reserved personality - he also wasn't as annoying as almost everyone else was.

Samurai Deeper Kyo -Yukimura Sanada
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Okay, he acts smug, like he's up to something and as though he's keep secrets from everyone - but he's such a fun character.

Sands of Destruction - Lia Dragunel
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Honestly, I never thought this girl would be my favorite - but I just adore her. She is such a cool, fun character.

School Rumble - Harry McKenzie
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Mostly this guy because I thought he was cool and lest annoying than 97% of the others on the show.

Sekirei - Yukari Sahashi
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I'm not really sure why it was this girl, but I just loved her personality and the way she approached things.

Sengoku Basara - Masamune Date
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Beyond being impressed with the way his character was handled, I thought his was so amazingly cool.

Shattered Angels - Sojiro Ayanokoji
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(The guy on the right)
This, more than anything, was a random choice. Although I didn't actually like anyone on this show, this guy was less annoying and, even, sometimes nice. (Even if he did have horrible siblings.)

Shonen Onmyouji - Seriyuu
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With my adoration of this show (and, I might add, all the characters) I had to choose this guy because of his snarky personality and general unpleasantness.



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