Day 16: Favorite CLAMP Series

Meh, besides everything else, my keyboard is broken. You know that very useful little key that has the . on it? Yeah, it doesn't work anymore. So, because it's a laptop, I will be stuck copying and pasting the period whenever I want to use it. (This will surely put a damper on my writing attempts.) Until I buy I new one which isn't too far away, I hope. So, the question for today was very easy to answer. And that answer is...

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Okay, I have not read the manga yet - only seen the anime - and I do admit that it could be better, at least story wise. But, I honestly feel that it more than makes up for the (shall we say) lacking storyline with the absolutely amazing characters. The four main characters include my favorite CLAMP girl and my two favorite CLAMP guys. Even the other one isn't far behind.

I love the depth to the characters and can only imagine how great the manga will be. I also just adore the characters personalities and they way they grow throughout the story.