Day 15: Favorite Quote

Really, besides epic procrastination, the reason this day was left for so long was because I hadn't a clue how to answer it. I thought there were several ways to answer this. The first was just choose a funny quote, then I thought about a meaningful one. The I figured I could just search for a couple of characters quotes (my favorite characters) and select one of those. Then I remembered one. A quote that I have actually said. So, here we go…

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"Mokona is Mokona. If you were to count them, you would count one Mokona, two Mokona and then you would stop because there are only two Mokona." - Mokona (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

Honestly, I cannot believe it took me this long to remember this quote seeing as I have quoted it a few times myself. I think that's about what the quote sounded like - anyway it was something that Mokona said in Tsubasa. Later on I found out that I should probably be attributed to Yuko, seeing that she probably said it in xxxHolic before Mokona did in Tsubasa. Anyway, I love the quote. It is so cute and funny.