A list of my anime shows+favorite character: P&Q

A list of all the anime shows that I have seen and my favorite character from each show. If I've written a review for the show, I will also include the link to it.

Pandora Hearts - Xerxes Break
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I adore this guy. He is funny, has a wonderful backstory and a great personality. (He is even my current favorite anime guy.)

Pani Poni Dash - Rei Tachibana
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Of all the characters on this show, I thought this girl (besides being the least annoying) had a pretty cool personality.

Peacemaker - Susumu Yamazaki
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I simply adored this guy's character. I thought his character development was great and I loved the story arc that focused on him.

Pretear - Go
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Beyond the whole 'hated the four main characters' I thought this guy would be so fun to hang out with.

Pumpkin Scissors - Oreldo
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Considering I disliked the two main characters, it was only between this guy and one other. I think this one had the most fun personality.

Queen's Blade - Tomoe
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While I did like most of the characters on this show, this girl wound up really standing out for me. I thought she was really cool and had a wonderful attitude.



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