A list of my anime shows+favorite character: N&O

A list of all the anime shows that I have seen and my favorite character from each show. If I've written a review for the show, I will also include the link to it.

Nabari no Ou - Raiko Shimizu
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Say what you will about him, he is probably the most noble person on this list and has a distinct sense of justice.

Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water - Sanson
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While everyone else on this show annoyed me to no end, this was a guy that actually had a well developed, likable personality.

Naruto - Neji Hyuuga
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I do really like this guy, his personality is awesome and I simply adore his fighting style. Snide remarks always help, too.

Neo Angelique Abyss - Roche
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Without a doubt, I think this guy has the best personality on this show. I love how funny he is, and yet, when the time comes, he can do what needs to be done.

Noir - Chloe
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Not exactly the most fun girl, but she had a very interesting personality and a few occasional - very funny - moments.

Okami-san and Her Seven Companions - Ryoko Okami
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Placing a tough(ish) girl as the lead in a fairytale was a stroke of genius and I love this girl for it.

One Piece - Nami
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While I think everyone on this show is really cool, this girl has endeared herself to me with her wonderful (?) personality.

Orphen - Hartia
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I adore this guy's personality - his 'fanboy-ness' is beyond endearing and the problematic situations he was place in ultimately gave his character surprising depth. (It didn't hurt him at all that I disliked most of the other characters on the show.)

Ouran High School Host Club - Hikaru Hitachiin
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Not the easiest decision. I chose this guy because I loved his attitude and the fact that he was a little screwed up. I also thought that he had wonderful character development. (Yes, there is a difference to me between Hikaru and Kaoru.)



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