A list of my anime shows+favorite character: C

A list of all the anime shows that I have seen and my favorite character from each show. If I've written a review for the show, I will also include the link to it.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Touya Kinomoto
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This is one of those very down-to-earth, boy-next-door types of guys, that works so well and I think he'd be a lot of fun to hang out with.

Chrome Shelled Regios - Savalis Luekens
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Beyond the fact that he is so totally awesome (and he has gorgeous long, silver hair) don't really have a good reason for this.

Chrono Crusade - Joshua Christopher
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Even though I wound up hating everyone else, (or, rather, what the show did to them) I thought this guy was a very interesting, sympathetic character.

Claymore - Deneve
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While there were few characters on this show that I actually liked, I really enjoyed this girl's tough personality and fun attitude.

Code Geass - Euphemia li Britannia
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While there were a few others on this show that I liked, none of them compared to this girl. I just adored her personality, ideals and attitude.

Corpse Princess - Itsuki Yamagami
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I just loved this girl. I thought she was so cute and adorable and her 'backstory' and the relationship between her and her monk was great.

Cowboy Bebop - Ed
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Although I disliked the other people (note: not the dog) on this show, this girl was funny and, at least occasionally, kind of cool.

Coyote Ragtime Show - May
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Besides being a rather interesting character, this girl was so awesome - and very funny to boot.



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