Day 10: Least Favorite Male Character

This was only a moderately easy question. While I do genuinely like most of the CLAMP guys, there are a few that stand out for me in being - shall we say - particularly unlikable. Ultimately, my least favorite would have to be none other than…

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Kamui Shirou from X/1999 (also: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

I don't really have an easily explained reason as to why I dislike him. His personality just doesn't work for me. His way of handling things is something I do not care for and, honestly, I don't like it when someone pushes their loved ones away to 'protect' them. I personally just found Kamui to be a really unlikable character.

I'll be back on Monday for the next installment but, until then, I have a post for something different that I'm working on.