Day 9: Favorite Homoerotic Subtext

This is funny, coming on the heals of my answer to the last question. However, whatever that answer might have made you think, I'm not against these type of romances. At least, not more than I am any other type of romance. Anyhow, my answer for this (though it probably goes quite a ways past 'subtext') is none other than…

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Touya and Yukito from Cardcaptor Sakura (and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

I'm not sure that I have a good reason beyond 'they are so cute together'. I certainly like the strong relationship these two have, the way they're always there for each other. It's always really cool that, no matter which CLAMP world one shows up in ('cept Kobato. But, then, that was just odd.) the other isn't far behind.