Day 8: Pairing You Don't Really Care For

Sorry about that, if anyone is actually following this. I had meant to get this up yesterday but I forgot extenuating circumstances happened.

Well, if you know me and how much I adore these two people - this will most likely come as a surprise to you. The paring that will encourage fangirls to throw rotten tomatoes at me is none other than…

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Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

The fact is, I love these two guys. Definitely my two favorite CLAMP guys. (With very little competition.) All things considered though, I much prefer these two just a very close friends as opposed to any sort of romantic relationship.

There are actually several reasons for this. One is because I have always adored the really solid 'do anything for each other' types of friendship - which is what I see theirs grow into. I also prefer the concept of friendship over the concept of romance. My other reason is a bit less but, I never like to ship people off the same show twice. I'll just pick the couple I like and stick with it. In this case, my adoration for Kurogane/Tomoyo and Fai/Chii far outshines any like I have of the Kurogane/Fai pairing.