Day 5: Your First CLAMP Fandom

Quite possibly the easiest question yet, although this isn't so much a question. That's right, my very first CLAMP fandom was none other than…

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X/1999 (tv)

It's kind of (well, almost) embarrassing to admit that this was a show I got into before I even had a clue who or what CLAMP was. When I first bought it, while I did absolutely love some of the characters, the show was slightly difficult for me to get in to. It wasn't long, though, before I adored almost the whole cast. Even as I'm currently re-watching it - I'm still finding it a little difficult to get attached to the three main characters.

However, this was my first introduction into the wonderful world of CLAMP - and it's not even my least liked show from them. Anyway without this show, it would have reduced the likelihood of me buying any of CLAMP's other works.