Day 2: Favorite Female Character

Welcome to day two of my CLAMP challenge. Today I am asked who my favorite CLAMP girl is. Actually, the female I'm going to mention in a few moments is one that I never thought I would like - much less have her being my favorite CLAMP girl. And that girl is none other than…

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Princess Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (the furball is Mokona)

I do realize that I have chosen one of the least popular CLAMP girls, but I really do adore her.

For one thing, she has a wonderful attitude and doesn't shy away from things. I love how spunky she is. She's adorable, too (in spirit and even physical appearance). I also like the fact that she's not good at everything. She keeps trying, being very determined and wanting to help, not always relying on everyone else. But, despite her best intentions, she doesn't know a lot - especially at the beginning of the series - so she doesn't always do the best job.

The there's her character growth. It' almost hard to believe that the character in the Tokyo Revelation's OVA's is the same girl that was in the first half dozen episodes of the series. She grew into a capable, tough female that got to show off her determination.

Stay tuned for part three tomorrow.