Day 1: Favorite Male Character

For day one, my challenge is to identify my favorite CLAMP male character. Honestly, that was very easy for me and, at the risk or sounding predictable... As has been since I met him, my favorite is none other than…

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Fai D. Flowright from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

But, I'm sure you want an explanation to go with the name.

There are several things that makes Fai my favorite CLAMP guy. Near the top of the list, and the first one I noticed, is how funny he is. I adore his sense of humor. He's so funny when he's antagonizing Kurogane (and even others, to a lesser degree) and, yet, there is no ire in his teasing words. (That comes when he quits teasing.) Perhaps beyond even that is the fact that he uses his humor as a sort of shield.

The there's the relaxed way he goes through life. Even though it does always work, you can tell that he tries to not get brought down by things. I also truly adore how his character grows throughout the anime, especially in the OVA's. (Not read the manga yet, so if you comment: no spoilers, please.) He changes from someone that you would hardly want to count on, to someone that would lay down his life for his friends.

I will not be on over the weekend, so I will try to post my 'Favorite Female Character' on Monday.