Welcome. For the first time I have a world that is dedicated not to reviews or icons, but to just anything I want to post in it. Mostly anime, but some manga will probably wind up here too. Maybe even some unrelated stuff.

30 Day Challenge: CLAMP

Day 1: Favorite Male Character
Day 2: Favorite Female Character
Day 3: Favorite Mascot Character
Day 4: Favorite Member of CLAMP
Day 5: Your First CLAMP Fandom
Day 6: Your Current CLAMP Fandom
Day 7: Favorite Couple
Day 8: Pairing You Don't Really Care For
Day 9: Favorite Homoerotic Subtext
Day 10: Least Favorite Male Character
Day 11: Least Favorite Female Character
Day 12: Series That You Haven't Read/Seen That You'd Like Too
Day 13: Favorite CLAMP Crossover
Day 14: Crossover You'd Like To See
Day 15: Favorite Quote
Day 16: Favorite CLAMP Series
Day 17: Least Favorite CLAMP Series
Day 18: Scene That Made You Laugh
Day 19: Scene That Made You Cry
Day 20: Favorite CLAMP Related Cosplay
Day 21: Favorite Recurring Theme In CLAMP's Series
Day 22: Your Favorite Opening Song From A CLAMP Anime
Day 23: Your Favorite Ending Song From A CLAMP Anime
Day 24: Favorite Fanart
Day 25: Favorite official CLAMP Artwork
Day 26: Favorite Set Of Siblings
Day 27: Favorite Secondary Character
Day 28: Favorite Friendship
Day 29: Number Of CLAMP Series You've Read/Watched
Day 30: Favorite CLAMP Series AMV

This my list of all the anime's that I have
finished, with my favorite character from
each one. Very small synopsis as to why.
A|B (pt:1)|B (pt:2)|C|D|E&F|G|H-J|K|L
M (pt:1)|M (pt:2)|N&O|P&Q|R
S (pt:1)|S (pt:2)|T (pt:1)|T (pt:2)|U|V-Z

Day 7: Favorite Couple

This question was one that I thought I knew the answer to. (In all honesty, I probably should have stuck with it - but this couple is just too awesome it ignore.) There are many, many couples in the CLAMP world that I love (pretty much every canon...

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Day 6: Your Current CLAMP Fandom

I was thinking about this question earlier today and wondering how, exactly, I should answer this. One the one hand, I am still immersed in pretty much every CLAMP fandom that I have ever joined. But, finally, I settled on this answer… ...

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Day 5: Your First CLAMP Fandom

Quite possibly the easiest question yet, although this isn't so much a question. That's right, my very first CLAMP fandom was none other than… ...

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Day 4: Favorite Member of CLAMP

Welcome to day four. For this question, originally I had no idea how to answer it. Should I go with the female that wrote my favorite series' from them? Or perhaps the one whose artwork I preferred? Or maybe do a little research on them to find ou...

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Day 3: Favorite Mascot Character

Well, I won't pretend that today's question was easy, because it wasn't. Certainly not as easy as the other two questions. But, after some consideration - I finally came up with my answer. ...

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