Sketch Book Chapter 2

After a hour and a half of sweating and failed basketball shots, I decided to take a quick shower before the final bell. I walked into the room and spotted my usual shower head, as most highschool shower rooms there are no individual stalls. I got my bar of soap and towel out of my locker,quickly stripped,and threw my skinnies and tee in a pile infront my locker. I stepped underneath the shower head chilled by the freezing cold water. While lathering my thoughts wandered. I can't possibly belive that Taylor likes reVolt unsensored. He's so cool..I wonder where he got his tattoo? Or if he has anymore. I just couldn't understand why such a sexy dude would even consider working as a teacher..with a face like that he could be a model. I reminised about the feeling of his hand on the nape of my neck, and our fingers touching. The only guys that looked that attractive where in screamo bands, but Taylors features definately beat Oliver Sykes. The sound of footsteps brought me back to reality. Damnnit! It was Daniel Mc Arthur, aka the typical jock douche bag. Dan always had the habbit of saying "bro" in every sentence like he was a cast member of the Jersey Shore, he probably also held the record for worlds lowest I.Q. He swaggard over to the shower head across from mine. I ignored his presence hoping he would do the same.

"Hey bro!" He drawled in his thick jersey accent.


"Damn bro! Looks like little Gingers thinking about his girl friend. He cooed.

"I don't have a girlfriend and what the phuck are you going on about?" I hissed. Suddenly I became acutely aware of my anatomy. Heat flushed to my face and I quickly rinsed, dried and dressed myself, tuning out the obnoxious laughter coming from Dan and left for the bus port. I doged throught the herd of people looking for my bus. All of a sudden two small hands covered my eyes. The familair scent of vanilla hand lotion made me grin.

"Guess who?" the girls voice proclaimed.

"Dave!" I grinned. She dropped her hands and gave me a broad grin her familar left dimple revealing itself. I looked down ar my best friend of four years, her soft caramel skin, perfect smile, and bold black curly mane ,completely condradicts her blunt, sarcastic personality. Davie was the only one at school who was aware of my sexual preference. When I told her that I was gay, she glared at me and retorted. "I knew that before you did dumbass!" despite her semi rude blatentness she always listens to my problems and is fun to hang out with.

"Why weren't you here third period? I asked

"I woke up late."

" Five hours late?" I chuckled

"Hey you know that I'm a heavy sleeper!" She laughed lightly punching my shoulder



"I heard there's a new sexy Art teacher that replaced Brackman, your a good judge. Tell me is he your type?" I felt heat creeping to my face.

"Ahh I see.." she grinned. Get some Alex!"

"Shut's nothing like that" I said,yet I couldn't keep from smiling. Bus #18 quickly rolled past the port.

"Oh shit!" I yelled, I live five miles away and Mom is all the way over in Bakersfield! I have no time to miss the bus. I sprinted as fast as I could smirking at Davie yelling "YOU CAN CATCH IT BABY!" like a proud mother at some sort of basketball event. I finally approached the bus and it halted with a high pitched screetch. I hopped on and sat in my usual seat in the front huffing from the quick run in the brisk fall. Mumurs and giggles shrowded the bus and I knew they were directed towards me. I popped in my headphones and set my iPod on shuffle, gazing at cars zooming past. My thoughts yet again governed on Taylor. Never in my life would I get all flusterd because of a guy. The only guy i've only dated was Jason Marshall, my ex best friend. After five years of having a crush for him, I finally confessed in seventh grade. We dated for awhile, but soon after he had a change of heart. He still liked girls, and who could blame him? After a period of time we distanced ourselves for the better. But Taylor was more than just a crush.. What is his first name? Could he possibly be gay? I hope so..Well he can't be, he was only trying to lift my spirits as an artist.

The bus jerked to a halt. Quickly I stepped off heading for the direction of my quaint yellow house with blue trimming. Truthfully I thought it looked likea wizard zapped a childs doll-house and BAM!!, but my mother immediatley feel in love with it, declaring that it had "character". I opened the door and stepped inside. The homey scent of clay and detergent envolped me. I spotted yellow stationary neatly folded in half and picked it up, it read my moms familiar cursive

Hey Alex,

I have an art show so i'm not coming home until 12:45 take out yesterdays food and warm it in the microwave.

PS: Feed Ralts

Love you!


My Mom is a potter so she showcases her works three to four times a month. I walked around her drying pieces to get to the fridge. Yesterdays cassorole sounds less than apitizing. So I headed to find Ralts my cat. I named her after my favorite pokemon. Davie thinks it's a stupid name for a cat, but I cant see her being named anything else.

"Oh there you are!" I picked up the ball of orange fluff from underneath my table looking at my reflection in her green glassy orbs. I feed her, take a shower and brushmy teeth by then it was 8:30. I hopped on my bed and stared at my poster clad walls looking at my favorite music idols. Ralts hopped on my bed and gently rubbed my shoulder and purred. I stroked his head. I feel exhausted. Shortly I dozed to sleep.

What?..I'm in Art, but this time it's different, it's only me and Taylor. He's wearing a paint stained smock over his clothes..He turns slowly to me.


"Yes.. I whisper, oddly freaked out be the situation. I look closely at Taylor. He's not wearing his school formal wear, instead he was clothed in black skinny jeans and dark v neck tee revealing his whole tattoo. His tall figure took catlike advances toward me. My heart beat corralated with his steps. He was facing me, less then six inches away.

"" He bent down and took his long cool fingers and entertwined them in my scarlet locks, his eyes staring intensly at mine. I took deep puffs of air, burning with anticipation and nervousness.

"S-sir? wha-" He gently pushed his cool thin finger on my lips. Nimbly he replaced his finger with soft ,sliky lips. Slowly he kissed me as if testing the waters. Dumbfounded I tried to push away ,but I couldnt resist the feeling of sheer lust. His kisses became more fervent and passionate, his soft tounge gingerly pryed my mouth open a moan escaped my lips and reverberated off the walls of the semi vacant classroom. He then pushed me against the cold slate of the chalkboard. My knees buckled and I slid down the chalk board. Electric waves of passion rippled throughout my body. Never had I felt such pleasure before. He gently pulled alway drawing my lip from his mouth. I gasped for breath,unsuccesfully trying to float back down from the high of passion. He crouched down lower infront of me a seductive smile growning on his face.

"What're are you-" Suddenly I felt the tightness of my jeans. I was aroused. I gradually grew hot all over trembling from pleasure and anticipation. I was sitting down knee to knee. Taylor gently pried my legs open. My jeans were still on,but that didn't stop him from venturing lower and lower. He began nippping at the tent in my jeans, my moans grew louder, I felt like I was going to explode. Taylor kissed my inner thigh the sensation burning through the denim. It's feels too good! I can't take it anymore, as if reading my mind he stopped and glanced up at me. As if fueled be renewed passion he yanked up my shirt exposing my bare chest. He roughly drew in my nipple sucking it lightly , then rapidly flicked it with his tounge causing my pants to grow tighter.

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I jolted out of my bed and pressed off on my alarm clock radio,and stood up haphazardly trying to straighten the sheets, I noticed a gooey white substance on my flannel. Immediatley I looked down at my briefs, and saw the stain.

"What the phuck...I just had a wet dream about Taylor!" Now I am completely in far too deep.

I have the habbit of spelling the "f" word with a "ph" so it's phuck. I'm fully aware how to spell it. :) please comment if you can :)