Sketch Book Chapter 1

This is one of my first short stories! So if anyone reads this (I highly doubt it)Please comment and tell me how I can improve. Also I do have quite a few typos so if you happen do be a "grammer nazi" please don't post anything too mean. ;) enjoy!

All the girls thought he was the sexiest thing since that werewolf dude with the tribal tattoo on twilight. It's only the second day of school and all I desire is to crawl back into the comforts of my flannel cocoon. The murmurs of the girls increased as Mr. Taylor took quick strides into the room. I noted how the girls in the front arched their backs as if by some great leap of faith they would appear more attractive then they did on the first day of school. Taylor grabbed a mircoscopic peice of chalk and quickly scribbled the days assignments onto the paint stained slate . I glanced up from my sketch book to see the days plans retrieving my needed materials. I never bought the needed supplies for school, it was my Junior year anyway I just bought 3 spiral notebooks and a pack of pencils. I grabbed the green notebook and the neon pink syllabus sheet .

Taylor began to speak. His voice was beautiful, deep but not at all creepy. I watched as he made wide motions with his hands, his thin fingers waving around like a bird trying to fly for the first time. Man I love his quorky excitement! I wached as he weaved through the rows picking up the syallbus sheets. I glanced back feeling his presence causing a nervous flutter in my chest. His tall frame toward over my shoulder. I quickly turned my head with a pigoen like motion. He is over my shoulder looking at my sketch pad,with a slight smirk on his face. My eyes fell back on my slightly crumpled page. Oh dear god. My face is burning,scorching. I had absent mindedly sketched a side profile of Taylor. I felt the tips of my ears burning, as I raced to find a justifiable explanation.

"What a nice picture" he murmured,May I keep it? He turned smiling at me meeting my eyes. causing my chest to thump even harder than what I thought possible.

"I-It's picture-"

"It's nice." he turned to look at me and grinned. I jumped as his hand gently rested on the nape of my neck, his touch unusually cool, not an ice cold feeling, but a comfortable cool.

"Alex..can I speak to you after class?

"Yea-yes sir" With that he walked back to the front of the room. I heard a mumble of the class , and spotted at least five people staring at me. Oh shit. Taylor HAD to have known that the picture was of him. He's probably laughing to himself right now about his gay fanboy of a student. NO! Alex,think rationally here. He. Liked. My. Picture. Well then why does he want to see me after class? My head was a blustering monsoon of thoughts. For the remainder of the class period Taylor continued his Art Theory lecture, occasionally locking eyes with me. Each time created a tingle of extacy in my rib cage, or the " butterfly sensation" as the majority of the books in the teen fiction section of the public library called it. The shrill of the bell intrurruped my meddle of thoughts, immeadiatley the students shot up from their desks. A sudden wave of nevousness hit me. I slipped my note and sketch book into my canvas green bag and awkardly slung it over my shoulder. I quickly shuffled up the row to Taylors desk.

"Pull up a chair Alex." Taylor spoke softly. Oh shit shit,shit, shit. He's going to say something embarrassing. I sat down in front of his desk , and picked at my charcol black nail polish while staring at the white and green floor tiles. I swore that I felt the heat radiating from my face. I must look like a blushing idiot right now. Please just talk !! I urged trying to send a telepathic message to him. I galnced up and met his gaze. Up close he looked even more angelic. His angular features, almond shaped eyes,and impossibly dark irises.

"Alex" Taylor spoke looking at me intently

"Yes" I said quickly giving him a once over. He couldn't possibly be older than 27. He was wearing a plaid dress shirt with the sleeves unevenly rolled up. His skin was pale and poreless, and his long,black hair was expertly styled. I spotted what looked like a tiny black snake tattoo peaking from underneath his unbottoned shirt.

"I wanted to tell you that for a quick rough sketch your very talented. Judging from some of the other students I cannot possibly fathom how they passed Art I and II. You have a gift. So hope you can attend the N.Y.C art expo for teens." I was speechless. Completly speechless. After flumbling for the correct words I finally responded

"U-uuhh I'll think about it sure. Um thank you." I sprung up from my chair. My bag akwardly flopping at the side of my theigh.


"Yes?" I repled unable to look him directly in the face.

"Is that a reVolt unsensored bag!?"

"Yeah it's like my favorite band" I gloated,amazed that Taylor of all people recognized the alt.rock group.

"Oh then you'll like this!" He piped excitedly. Hurridly, he opened the small top drawer of his desk, and swiped up a new fangled touch screen android phone. After a few seconds of searching through his photos, he flashed a picture of himself and, way it was a picture of himself and and Stewart Everson!!!, the lead singer of reVold unsensored.

"OOooh my god you met-" the final forth block tarty bell cut me off mid-sentence, but I could not hold in my excitement. You met Stewart Everson?!? I spoke excitedly, but my reaction mimicked a more of a pubesent pre-teen.

"Yes they are also my favorite band". he grinned. Here let me write you a pass. Who's your Last block teacher?"

"Oh Coach Laster, Gym." He quickly scrawled the date and location of a small piece of constrution.

"Well Alex I hope we can talk again sometime, and maybe you can so me some of your other sketches" he smiled. My cheeks immediatley grew hot.

"I hope so too....thank you again" I mumbled. He handed me the blue construction scrap,and our fingers briefly grazed sending a tingly feeling throughout my body, which resulted in me blushing even more. Damnit why am I so damn Awkward! I walked out of the classroom completley fazed and heard Taylor mumble something under his breath. I had to have been hearing things, but I swore on everything he muttered.

"So cute!"