Scarlet Kiss!

Scarlet kiss
“The summer we spent together was wonderful”
Ally wrote in the journal her mother had gotten her for her 13th birthday. “Emmett and I spent days walking through the purple and pink flowered fields. Talking about next week’s school’s challenge. High school! Ohhh how I dread that word!” sigh! “Emmett said he wouldn’t let anything happen to me while were there, but I still worry for our love and security!” “Well I’ll always be here. Till next time!
(Later that week!)
“Bunny, babe you up there? Emmett called to the second story window in front of the house! “I’m here” ally called back to him! Bunny rushed down the stairs toward the front door but not noticing her mother standing there at the foot of the stairs! “And where do you think your going in such a hurry?” Ms.Murry said! “Em and I are going out, if you don’t mind” But tomorrow is the first day of school! Ms.Murry thought to herself. “Fine, be back before 11:30” “sure not a problem at all” Bunny said and kissed her mom and stumbled out the door!
I didn’t understand when he said ~surprise~ so when we arrived at the bowling alley it came as kind of a shock to me! “Remember when you told me you never went bowling before” Emmett asked when ally got into the car! “I thought you had forgotten I know I did” I replied back with a smug look on my face. “You forget pretty much everything you know!” “Yeah figures!” Wow, this is ganna be horrible .she said to herself in a low murmur. “I heard that, and besides it will be great” “yeah, greatly embarrassing” was her reply. And with that being the last of what they said to each other they walk hand in hand to the doors. When they walk in the entrance ally noticed to what seemed like almost every girls eyes flickered to Emmett. “Oh gosh!” she said putting a hand on her right cheek. “Is something wrong, are you feeling alright?” Emmett asked worried! “Just fine” how was I supposed to tell him that I might be a little worried about how the other girls look at him! When we went to the counter to get our shoes and a lane, the way the lady at the counter seemed a little to friendly with thy way she spoke to Emmet, and the way she reacted with a disgusted look on her face when he had put his arm around my waist to show we were together made me worry about what he would think of her but he didn’t seem to pay any attention to her so that right there intrigued me somewhat! After a few games we decide that we should start getting ready to leave, when the lady form the counter came over and asked Emmet if he wanted anything to eat or if he needed to use a phone or something. He replied with a sudden “no” and it surprised me that it sounded mean but calm in a way! On the car ride home we rode in complete silence and after a few blocks I decided to break the silence. “So what did you think of that counter lady? He turned and looked at me shocked at my question. “What dose it matter to you” “I was just curious about what you thought about her, since she seemed to think very much of you and very little of me!” “Do you really think I would care about another girl after all we’ve been trough together I am appalled that you would think something like that!” “I was just curious!” when we pulled up in front of the house my mother and father were standing there laughing. And my father had my mother in his arms! “Well at least somebody had a good time tonight! Emmet said when I was reaching for the door handle. “You didn’t have a good time? I asked. “I was referring to you actually, and I had a wonderful night especially the part where you fell!” “That wasn’t funny!” I nearly shouted at the memory! “I’m sorry, you’re right.” He said when I was half way out the car. “It was hilarious” he reached over and pulled the door shut, and before I could even reply he blew a kiss and drove away! “How was your night dear?” my father asked as I was coming up the porch stairs! “Fine I guess, if you don’t mind I’m kind of tired I think I’m gonna go to sleep early tonight!” but its only 10:50 we were about to star watching Edward scissor hands, isn’t that your favorite?” my mother asked. “Well I had a long day, besides there’s always tomorrow” “ok then goodnight I guess” they both said! I stumbled up the stairs tripping over the twin’s toys, some shoes and my dogs chew toys! I finally made it up the stairs and to my bedroom, when I managed to get the door open I walked across the room and flopped onto my bed and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I sat up and wished that today would disappear as fast as it came. And suddenly a knock on the door! “Thump, thump!”
“Come in” the door opened with a slight squeak! Are you up sweetie?” “Yeah mom!” “Well are you ready then?”
“Almost, mom” and with that she left the room leaving the door wide open. “Ring, ring, ring” “hello?” she spoke into the phone. “I’m on my way, are you ready yet? Emmett’s voice was sullen and he spoke saying the words with a short space between each word.
To my surprise there was a new girl at school.
Most kids at Stone Creek high school grew up together, well except for one other new kid Omar Ramon. But you really wouldn’t call him new anymore, since he’s been here the past 4 years. She doesn’t really seem to have the normal girl perspective. Like the rest of the girls here myself not included. She dressed heavy but she looked comfortable, like myself I wear tight pant and a baggy shirt most of the time and my fallen shoes I’ve had since like the 7th grade. But Emmett says as long as I’m happy he’s happy! When we were coming out of 5th period I noticed Emmett was talking to Demetri. When he saw me he said bye to him and ran my way. “What was that all about, Hun?” I asked when he came into range. “Nothing much just catching up!” “Oh ok then” I replied, and then we were just heading for the cafeteria. When we got to the line I notice that the new girl was sitting with demetri and his friends, well technically our friends.
When we sat down at the closest table towards there’s I saw everyone waving at us, Emmett was waving back when demetri came into view.

“Hey guys what are you doing over here alone, can’t you see were over there?” he said a little confused.

“Yeah, we just wanted time alone today!” Emmett said back to him.

“You guys spend every waking moment together, a little time off wouldn’t kill ya would it?”

“Yeah well when you meet someone you’ll understand!” I said to him.

“Actually I think I already have!” after lunch I just couldn’t stop thinking about what demetri had said. Was the new girl the one he was talking about, or did Julia finally ask him out! Well whatever it was he seemed happy and that was something we didn’t see very often.
When I got home today (Emmett is usually there, my parents accept him)
I forgot that I was supposed to pickup the twins from day care so right when I opened the door I closed it and ran back to the car with Em looking at me like I was crazy and not my typical crazy. “What? What’s wrong?”

“The twins I forgot the twins, hurry let’s go!” The twins are 5 years old, the oldest is Gabriel and the youngest is Gabriella. Mom was so excited when she found out she was having twins it kinda runs in the family, my mother is one of 3 and my father is one of 4. On my father side there is 2 sets of twins and 3 sets of triplets. On my mother side there is 3 sets of twins and my aunt who was born by herself. So chances are when I have kids they will be twins or triplets! When my parents got home I had dinner ready it was the twin’s favorite, enchiladas, I only made so that the twin’s wouldn’t tell mom or dad about this afternoon. I had homework to do so when Emmett left I went right upstairs to get right to it. It’s been a month into school already and some of my teachers are ok, but there’s this one teacher that really seems to dislike me, I have no idea why either.
So after I took a shower and washed my face and brushed my teeth I threw the clothes that I wore today into my hamper. My red shirt went to the right and my black pants went to the left!
That night I didn’t have a nice sleep I had a bad dream but it was strange cause I couldn’t figure out where I was and it was dark and chilly but when I woke up I couldn’t remember it!
“Emmett I’m telling you it was weird, do you know what it means?”
“Nope, do you?” he asked with a confused look on his face.

“No clue!” I tried my best to explain it to him but the words wouldn’t fit into place. When we got to school things seemed different, maybe it was the fact hardly anyone was there. “Oh darn it; I forgot that we go in late today!” Emmett said.

“You’re telling me I could have slept in longer!” was all I could reply.

“Hey you didn’t remember either!” he glared back at me.

“Well should we go to your house or do you want to come over for breakfast?” I never really went to his house, often. His parent’s were normal happy people, who just so happened to have a lot of money, but if anyone would say something about it he would deny all of it.

“Sure breakfast sounds great!” When we arrived at his house, a big smile went across his face. When I tried to find what he was looking at I noticed a great big wagon of purple tulips.

“Your favorite, right? Emmett asked still smiling.

“There beautiful, how many is there?” the hugest smile spread across my face.

“About 230” After we had breakfast we left for school.
Chapter 2!

The school day went by in a blur; I couldn’t concentrate on my studying
And Emmett just kept beside me like he was going to push me out of the way of a bullet or and falling sun! But it didn’t bother me much I enjoyed his company!

Today after school Emmett and I went to meet up with some friends at the bowling alley. And this time demetri brought his new girlfriend. She seemed nice and she was fairly beautiful, well proportioned and had a voice that you’d think would be on the radio. When we arrived at the alley they had already picked teams and demetri tried his best to make me switch spots with him so he could be with grizzly but I said “uhhhh…nah!”

He was a little disappointed but, he would get over it. Emmett had made this comment that grizzly reminded him of me when we both started going out. Sure I was shy and I didn’t really like when he would hug me in public but I’m over that now and if we love each other it should be that the whole world would know it!
After a few games Julia was trying to flirt with demy again and this time she got to grizzly!
“I would have never guessed that he would be with someone like you!”
I over heard Julia say to her when they went to get drinks. After a while I stopped listening, before you’d even know it grizzly was soaked in soda and Julia was lying on the ground. Eventually Julia got up and punched grizzly in the face, but grizzly came back with a good one to the face and everyone rushed to see what had happened.
Julia stared saying how she just went crazy and called her all these names, but of course no one believed her. Grizzly stormed out the door before anyone could talk to her. Demetri went after grizzly but after that we didn’t see them at all. Later that night Emmett and I decided to go for a walk so we went to a place that only me demetri and he knew about. It was a place that we went to to get away from our problems a place to relax. “The hill” that’s what he called it. And it was beautiful! It was like something I had never seen before! There we’re these bright yellow and dark purple tulips, which just so happened to be my favorite. And Emmett knew. It was always the three of us, me, Emmett and Demetri. But now since grizzly has come along he’s taken her to a place none of us have seen and someday I hope to show here our hill.

“Ever since she came along he’s been so happy” Emmett started to say.

“And now I hope that they would one day share a love so beautiful and flowing with colors like how we pretty much are now, with our love growing each and every day!” Emmett was never the guy you’d think would be sharing he’s feelings out loud. But it was there under the muscle and hard emotionless face. I recall the first time he said to me that he would always love me no matter what happened, and since then there’s no doubt about it that he was telling the truth.

It was the summer I knew that he was the one .I woke up early that day because it was the day I would finally be free. You see the problem is that I’m very clumsy and well I shouldn’t have been let go out into a huge world such as this one.
My parents had decide that it would be ok for me to go out camping with a few friends and of course parent supervision since we were only 12 and 13 year old. Derrick, Madison, Carolina and Michael just so happened to be the “few friends”. You see it was Michaels parents idea to take us all camping, it was a way for them to show how much money they had.
He only invited me because he knew it would be a great chance to tell me what he really thought about me. Well things didn’t quite turn out as planned. Around the third or fourth night we were out Madison and Brian wanted to go for a hike/ walk. Only derrick and Carolina didn’t want to go, so they stayed behind with Mr. First. When we were about half way off the trail Ms. First decided to give us some space.
“I know how you young kids can be” she said!

And she went ahead of us on the trail. I didn’t want to be alone with him because I knew what he was planning, but Carolina and Brian decided to fall back behind us. So I had no choice.

It wasn’t until afterwards that I notice that he was trying to hold my hand. So when he finally caught my hand I pulled away like he was trying to hurt me. As I was pulling away I accidentally tripped over my own foot. It felt like I was falling forever, until I felt a burning hot touch against my skin that knocked me back to reality. Suddenly I was back on my feet again. When I turned to see what had stopped me from falling an unfamiliar voice said to me if I was alright I lied and said yes.
And at that moment, our eyes met, it was like a flash back seeing our life pass by in like a minute. I saw him and me in field full of flowers, I saw two beautiful children plying and laughing like theirs was no tomorrow.
And the moment I blinked it was gone and I guess out of fright I started to walk away. I was on an unfamiliar path, and the sun was nowhere in the sky and besides Michael and I were alone so who could I run to.

The next morning was quite interesting. I woke up and sat straight up on my bed, and out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of something moving and it frightened me. When I noticed that it was just the boy I met last night in the shadows, I didn’t stop to ask what he was doing here and how he got in but before I could reach the door he was standing there before me.

He only said one thing.
And that’s all I remember.

“My name is Emmett!” Then he was gone.

Still in confusion I went to see what the others were doing down stairs.
And to my surprise everyone was packing things up.

“Where are we going?” I asked mike but he just ignored me and turned away.
Suddenly Madison answered my question. “We’re all going for a picnic in the hills. Do you want to come with us or do you want to stay with mike?”

I took one brief glance at mike; he didn’t even bother to look up so I answered her. “Sure I’ll come”. And then we were off.
Shortly before our departure I was deciding on weather or not I should talk to mike! But before I could get a word out he went and locked himself in his room. It didn’t bother me much until later that day. And that’s when I realized that, wow! His name and face won’t stop running trough my head.

“What’s this supposed to mean?” I accidentally said out loud.

“What happened?” Brian asked.

“Huh what nothing never mind!” I managed to spit out!

“Oh because I thought I heard you say something.”

So after that, I tried my best not to think about him. But I had trouble so I asked Brian and Madison if they wanted to go for a walk but they wanted to stay behind. So I had asked Carolina and derrick if they wanted to but they turned me down also. And suddenly there was an unfamiliar voice behind me.

“How would you like to take a walk with me?” he asked.
And when I turned around to see who it was it was like time froze.
A part of me wanted to go but then apart of me didn’t.
But the first part won. So as he stood there holding out his hand for me to take I managed to stutter out a few words,
“Uh-uh sh-sh-sure why n-n-not.” And with that said I took his hand and we were off.

I never really like the quiet much, it made me kinda nervous. So it was awkward and a little strange. As we we’re walking on some I guess ‘‘hidden’’ trail that led who knows where , I tripped over a branch on the ground and before I hit the ground he had his arms wrapped around my waist and then I was back on my feet and he never loosen his hold and me. And it didn’t bother me much so I didn’t say a word. Just a couple minuets later we were standing in a field of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen before.
When he stepped into the light I could see something distinct about him. His eyes were blue his hair light brown. And the way he looked into my eyes it was like he was speaking to my soul. It made me feel wonderful and weak and jut insanely happy. I felt like he would give me his world, tell me his secrets, and share his future with me. I would be able to make him happy the way he made me happy. But then I looked away. And for hours we sat there and just talked. But the whole time it felt like he was leaving something out. I didn’t want to ask so I didn’t. The sun was setting and I was starting to wonder if the rest of the gang would be worried if I came home late. It was like he read my mind because before I could say anything we were already on our way to the trail.

When we got back Madison and Carolina were drowning me with questions about the night but I managed to make it up stairs to mikes room.

“Hey nerd” I said to him.

“Hey bunny, what you are up to?” he asked.

“Nothing really I was thinking that tomorrow I could show you some cool stuff”

“Oh uh actually we will be leaving tomorrow and well I don’t think we will have the time!” he said.

“So are you like mad at me or something because it sure did seem like it this morning?” I asked him!

“Uh last night I wanted to, never mind.” He replied.

“Oh sorry.”

“no, no it’s ok!”

“Goodnight! I guess.” I said to him and closed the door behind me.
And I think I heard him say something love but I didn’t hear him that good!


So as you can see he was my one and only,
And I was his. I never got to talk to mike much after that night.That summer when I went back to school things were much, much different. Mike and I stayed close friends, and he said that was all he wanted to be. But I never forgot about Emmett cooper. Every second I had alone I was thinking about him and then in the middle of the year he came. The whole school was buzzing about his arrival. No girl could stop talking about him and no girl had the nerve to go and talk to him.

And I guess that’s when we saw each other again. I was on my way to class when a couple of boys were plying catch in the hall and when I took a step forward the ball came and flew right over my head. Of course I was scared so I was about to turn around when one of the boys bumped right into me. Right as I was falling to the ground I felt his hot touch against my skin and I was back up on my feet again.
“How do you always manage to keep me out of harms way?” bunny asked him.
“Right place right time, I guess!” was his reply.

When I finally got the nerve to look away from his eyes I noticed that everyone around us was staring right at us. As if something catastrophic happened! And that’s when I realized that his hands were still around my waist. I tried my best to wiggle away form his hold but it felt so good to be in his arms that I just gave up and stayed.

At lunch people were staring at us non-stop. It felt like a nightmare that just wouldn’t end. Soon it would be over because the bell had to ring some time. Am I right?