Dreaming is like living or seeing another reality as our body recharges for our reality to come in the morning. They may be realistic or magical or downright bizarre, but each one is a unique story, and this is where you can share it.

Feel free to PM me if you want to be a guest poster or to have a dream shared anonymously. ♥

floating islands and lizards

I guess I've said it before; I dream a lot. Almost everyday and they're quite vivid.

It's just that I usually forget them whenever I wake up, and it's so frustrating! Dx

Anyway, /coughs

It was a twilight. The skies were cloudy, grey and violet. There are islands. FLOATING islands. They're as wide as an ordinary house though. I was like a ghost; floating in the sky, a little above the islands. I could see clearly one island where I think I lived in; with a mansion, a garden and such. My family was there. Floating a few blocks in higher altitude was a creepy island that resembled a rain forest. I had the knowledge that giant lizards lived there.

Then I saw eggs in one forest-like island a few altitudes below the islands I mentioned. I think they belonged to those giant lizards. And what's weird was Sherlock and John where there. xD; I can't remember what they were doing but the next thing I knew, they were placed inside boxes and were dragged in the ground by unknown beings. They looked like corpses, lol I don't know, it was so weeeeird. And I was on that island with them actually, and I was digging the ground, where the eggs were scattered, and suddenly I picked up something mushy and dirty and later realized it was a DEAD FROG. /shivers

I don't remember anything else from there, sorry. 8D The atmosphere was very gloomy, kinda reminded me of Tim Burton's films. xDDD

Interactive dreams

Lately I have had some weird, but nevertheless interesting dreams... I will share two out of all the latest ones.

~ First one I dreamed almost a week ago, but it was interesting, because it was so realistic. In that dream I was finishing one of my last driving classes (which in reality I actually did) and almost end up hitting another car. After all the commotion I was going back home, but somehow felt that I don't belong there. As it was getting darker and more depressing, I just wanted to wake up knowing that I might be dreaming. Which in the end I did, I woke up in middle of the night in my room, but... I was still dreaming.. I tried to turn on my TV to go to the bathroom, but it couldn't turn on plus I felt somehow tired. And all the darkness and fear was coming out of the kitchen almost like someone like Slender Man was watching. After that I wanted to try as hard as I can to wake up which I did.. after the third time, but it worked and I was so relieved.

~ The second dream which I had two nights ago was... Umm, how to say, helpful? Well in a way. It happened that I had to get up earlier for my last drivings test (I had to be there in 8 AM, so I set the alarm on my mobile on 7:15 AM). In dream I was doing many things, not to get into the details, but the interesting detail is that after a while I noticed something. I looked at the clock in my room and it was 6 PM. I was so angry that I throw a tissue at my wall (what??) while all the things went through my head how I could miss my drivings test. In that moment I woke up. And it was, you guessed, 7:11 AM, just before my alarm. And getting waken up by that is an annoyance, because you don't feel full in mood. So, thanks dream! *grin*

Those were one of my dreams and while lately I haven't had many of them or they were too shallow, the latest ones were interestingly enough.
~ Thanks for reading!

Even in my dreams there is tragedy.


LOL my dreams were weird. Three or four of them were cases. One I was a cop (Takagi and Sato were there too) and there was a bomb just on the next neighborhood from my home and it blew up right before we found it. My neighbors got injured (the bombs were inside old socks and were hung on the barangay cap'n's fence and some children were tossing those around and got scattered and when I knew about them all I could say was 'GET AWAAAAAY ALL OF YOU!!" and it blew up. ) My grandpa helped the neighbors by putting toothpaste on the burned parts of their skin. 8D

My other dream (Sherlock was in iiiiit) was a grand opening of an Exhibit/Factory and it was quite magical since to get around you just stand on the moving floor that goes spiral around the exhibits (cakes being made, stuff and such. Even a Victorian Era bedroom xDD) at the end of the exhibit (you'd be on the topmost floor; I was for some reason lost inside the exhibit where I almost got killed lololol) Sherlock was handling this rich guy who ran then they had a chase and soooo~ (the reason why I dreamed of him was I was reading one of the stories... The Musgrave Ritual I think, and slept after finishing it~~)

I also have one dream where I looked like Rukia and was in Karakura High uniform and was running away from Ishida. 8D I hid in a restaurant and begged to work in the kitchen there but he still found me even when I hid in a hole behind the kitchen. He said something like 'There's no use running away. Do you think the problem will go away if you act like this' then picked me up by the collar like a dog. xDD

I then faced his all moe and said 'I... I was scared." and there were sparkles around us like in the shoujo manga! xDDDD


I forgot the other dreams (again D: ) but I'm sure Conan-kun was there (and I think Heiji too? xDD)

Oh my dreams

Seems so long since I posted, I actually had many dreams. Yeah, you guess.. XD Buuuuut as usual I always forget to write them down.
But still until I have again an interesting dream, let me share with you these two random and weird ones.

First one is about a zombie attack. Typical yes, but the dream wasn't. Even thought it seemed so real and it really was, no one was overreacting or anything. I mean, it is like half of the town is infected but I still go to school?! And in school our teachers tell us to be careful and that we shall have limited classes today because of the outbreak. I mean, seriously! And after that we all survivors went to a custom made fortes which was at the end overrun but I managed to survive with my family only to find myself in the crazy world that it was..

The next dream is more weirder but happier. It is like a dream about the future of our school trip that we should have at the end of this school year. We went there, but the beach seemed strange. And on top of that I went to my main professor (who teaches my main, Bosnian, language) so that I can borrow a book because I had this one vision about a river or whatever.. And among the books there was also the book "The old man and the river" which is a rip off of a book of the similar name (everyone knows which it is XD).
The weird part was also the one when she gave me that book. She gave me through some bars things like in a prison.. strange.

Ah well, that's all for now. Hope that you enjoy these weird tales of me and have a nice night!^^

Dreams or no dreams in the recent days

So what kind of dreams I had in the past days? Or better to say what not. These days I was waking up quite many times and couldn't remember most of my dreams. I don't know, I should make a better schedule. XD

Well anyway here it goes. I remember that many of my dreams were anime or just from my some recent events related. Like in this one anime I dreamed where I was in my school where by some reason my friends played this one game in multyplayer that was a combination of many other games.
So they always kept dieing in the last stage and repeating over and over again from the middle of the game.
And then it got even more weird, but I don't remember that right.

So yeah all in all, it was weird, but not so bad. Other dream I had that I was just kept on waking up, which I did. o_O
Like I had a dream that I will be later with a girl who was my friend from childhood, like it is usually in animes (and they even say that these relationships are the best).
When I woke up I actually figured that I don't have a friend like that. XD

I don't know, there were many things there and I am looking forward of finally having a dream that I will remember well and that I will like it when I get up.^^