This is a world for my dreams. I love to dream and picture different people and things. Later i turn them into stories. So this is a world full of my thoughts pretty much. How i'm feeling, what's going through my head ya know the usual.

So come take a look inside, ya never know it might be a surprise.


I don't feel good running a fever of 103.5. up all night yesterday sweating like crazy n still no signs of my fever going Down. I get hot n cold flashes I cant sleep without waking up in a pool of sweat. I feel awful.

Procrastinating Don't DO IT!!!

So lately i've had absolutely zero school.
Ex: i had an assignment to write out five paragraphs 5-7 sentences in each, on a book i didn't even finish. I didn't do a rough draft and i didn't finish the book, i read the last yeah i got it done within one class period, but i still procrastinate and don't try to do work till the last minute..... I have yet another assignment where i have to write out two to three sentences about the history of 20 pictures i took. On top of that i have to write a paragraph on my neighborhood....n i only have 1 hour to do it cause it's due tomorrow......