This is a world for my dreams. I love to dream and picture different people and things. Later i turn them into stories. So this is a world full of my thoughts pretty much. How i'm feeling, what's going through my head ya know the usual.

So come take a look inside, ya never know it might be a surprise.

This Morning

Okay so i woke up this morning after an Epic Night of staying up with Zu!
Sadly she won BUT In my defense she stop texting me first!!
So yeah lol anyway i woke up n hit my head on my mirror and turned on my phone and was blown up with text from chi yoro n zu! Love ya guys!
And now Chi wants in on Me n Zu's All nighter!!
Can we all make it lets see!!!! XDDDD

Staying Up All NIGHTZ!

Okay so i'm staying up all night with Zuzu!!! XD
I'm tryin to get my schedule on track so i actually sleep at night like i'm supposed to lol! (I never go to bed till like 5am all summer! x3)
We's textin back n forth! So let's see who'll crash first!!! (It gonna be Zu) >3

A Girl

Okay so last night i kept dreaming of this werid little girl she was always by herself and idk why. It was so weird, so i decided to make a story for her.
I named her Maria and her story goes like this.
Ever since she was little she could see spirits so everyone avoided her even her own parents. They left her with a nanny most of the time claiming it was because of work. She never cared though she was happy talking and playing with the spirits. She was a sweet girl, caring, kind, and always helping spirits pass on. As she grew older she was called an out cast. One night while she was sleeping a spirit entered her body. She woke up immediately in immense pain. Her hair turned white and her eyes red. She fell out of bed and started to scream. She dug her nails into the floor as wings of bone sprouted from her back. As they grew bigger she dug harder into the floor her nails growing as well and fangs popped out of her mouth. Her parents rushed into the room and gasped as they looked at her. She looked up at them crying, asking What's happening, they just stood there scared. All at once the pain stopped and the wings stopped growing and flapped soaking the room and her parents in blood. She breathed heavily shaking. Her mother finally came out of shocked and walked over to her. She hugged her and said everything'll be alright. Maria heard something different in her voice but choose to ignore it. Her mother smiled and stabbed Maria in the back. Maria coughed up blood and looked at knife in shock. Her mother got up and back away crying. Maria started screaming and holding her head. She felt like it was splitting in two. Than suddenly she stopped moving and screaming, and smiled. She got up and pulled the knife out her back. She smirked and threw the knife at her dad, laughing as it hit him in the head and he feel to the floor. She than walked toward her mother still laughing. Her mother backed away scared. Maria grabbed her mother by the neck sinking her claws into her skin. She smiled as blood ran down her neck. She licked some of it of tasting it. Than threw her through the wall, frowning. She walked through the hole in the wall and sat down on what was left of the broken railing. She looked down and saw her mother laying there twitching, she began to rub the blood on her fingers together. She sighed and got up, jumping down and landing right next to her mother. She stared at her a moment, than walked down into the basement. Once she was down there she found some oil and gasoline. She grabbed it and walked back up stairs. She spread the oil and gas all around the house smiling. Than she walked over to her mother and poured some of the gas on her face. She laughed and than threw a match, walking out the house and setting it on fire. Once she was out she fell over crying and screaming. Her neighbors came out and looked at the house surprised. They than ran over to maria asking her if she was alright. Maria kept crying. One of the neighbors hugged her and she smiled, as the house blew up.


What did i do wrong?
What was my mistake?
How much time is left?
When will it be over?
Am i a failure?
Am i a coward?
Why am i scared?
What do i have to fear?
Everything An Nothing.

Alice my Rp Charactor

Alice was born on a shape shifting planet called "Evolve", during a time of war. She was beaten by her father because she couldn't transform and was "imperfect". Alice was raised by her mother who loved her, but couldn't stand against her father. On her 8th birthday her father deemed her of no use and decided to use her for marriage, so that they could increase there military and win the war. Alice met her suitor one day while she was sneaking around the palace. She overheard him talking about taking over her palace from the inside. She told her father about it, but he didn't believe her. Alice was than put under the engagement ritual, in which she had ancient inscriptions burned into her and her suitor's body so that any other lover they had would die being with them. Alice's suitor later formed a deal with the enemy and invaded her planet, planing to kill Alice and reverse the sealing. Alice was locked in her room as she watched the enemy burn civilians alive and k the servants and soldiers fighting outside the palace. Alice's mother moved Alice to a room underground. Her mother than sealed the door by moving a dresser over it. Alice found a hole in the floor and watched her mother through it. She saw her mother fight and kill many enemies, but her mother failed to notice one and he stabbed her through the heart. The soldier left searching the rest of the palace. Alice began to scream and pound on the the door, but the dresser wouldn't budge. Her eyes turned white and she grew wings. Blood bleed down her back and her body was in excruciating pain because it was her first transformation, but she ignored it and she broke through the door an dresser. She than ran over to her mother. Alice's mother coughed up blood and smiled at Alice. She patted Alice's head and told Alice to promise her that she'll never transform into her original form ever again, Alice promised. She than used the last of her power to transport Alice away. Alice cried and wanted to stay but the soldiers came back, and she was transported. Alice woke up on "Earth" and was traumatized by everything that had happened. Alice's body was still in pain because of the transformation and she couldn't move. Alice looked around and sighed. She was stuck in an area she didn't know, surrounded by forest.