This is a world for my dreams. I love to dream and picture different people and things. Later i turn them into stories. So this is a world full of my thoughts pretty much. How i'm feeling, what's going through my head ya know the usual.

So come take a look inside, ya never know it might be a surprise.

Phone Bullshit/ My First Game!!!

Okay ironically most of you guys know my phones shut off. ik it sucks >< But anyway i still kept it on me (Don't ask me why i just do) and i had it out durin practice right. So got called up to play so left it on the coach's table by my teammates on the sidelines. Come back it's gone. Ask the coach he ain't got it. Looked around it ain't anywhere check my bag urgh NOTHING!! Some teammate STOLE IT!!!! WTF!?!?! It ain't even got minutes on it! WHO WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO DO THAT!?! Soo yeah ain't gonna have a phone awhile sooooooo sorry guys!!!!! It's soo much BS I can't believe someone would do that. -_-
Okay so next part meh first game we won!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!! Yay! <3 Dah score was 24 to 8! Great game n i made four of the shots!! Sooo Happy!! Next game is on monday!! Pray for meh guys!

A Break!

Gonna be gone for 1-2 months. Basketball and cross country skiing are starting up so i'll be taking a little break! Sorry ya'll i be talkin to all the time i'll miss you. I'll be sure to put up my fanart for the challenge for zu n the challenge blue dress other than that i'll probably be dead here. Peace out ya'll see ya in a bit!!!


Talkin with my mom n she tells me i gotta get out more so i say i'm spendin the night at a friends house n goin to a party. Found out they the same day. Bogus as hell than she come up n say i still gotta go to both wtf!?!? Man she just want me out the house. -3-

Joining A Gym!! ^^

Okay so today i decided to get get a membership to a gym, LA Fitness!! It just opened up by my house n it's only $20 a month. I can't wait to work out everyday instead lounging around on the couch watchin tv. i can't stand being lazy or sitting around anymore. I'm happy for my decision i love exercise!! I'mma be working out alot more often n be away from chat lol sorry for ya'll i chat to all the time but i'll still get on from time to time. Love you guys n i can't wait to get out n exercise get out the house n have fun.

Procrastinating Don't DO IT!!!

So lately i've had absolutely zero school.
Ex: i had an assignment to write out five paragraphs 5-7 sentences in each, on a book i didn't even finish. I didn't do a rough draft and i didn't finish the book, i read the last yeah i got it done within one class period, but i still procrastinate and don't try to do work till the last minute..... I have yet another assignment where i have to write out two to three sentences about the history of 20 pictures i took. On top of that i have to write a paragraph on my neighborhood....n i only have 1 hour to do it cause it's due tomorrow......