One puuuuuuuuunch!

Where's my one punch fans at? I've watched almost every episode released so far and I'm reading the manta now. I LOVE this series! If were being totally honest here, the idea of this series seemed stupid to me at first...but I stuck with it because Okami liked it so much and....can you say top five favorites? Once I finish the anime I'll do a review of it along with the other reviews I have cooking for you lovely little pumpkins weirdly obsessed with Halloween in July for some reason. So my question to you is....who is your favorite character and why? Go! Explain in comments or tell me your favorite moments. Speed of sound sonic is like, my absolute favorite so far xD I think its because he reminds me of Yato, whom I love dearly. Seriously though, who doesn't love Yato? >w< anyway, sonic is my favorite because he's so over the top and just weird. Also not going to lie, I really like his clothes. I want that bedazzled nin-nin shirt. Like, for real me xD