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I decided to make a new world for all things anime and games related. Because lets face it, we all need an escape from time to time yes? So this is where Ill share some of my favorite places to escape to ^^ Ill post anime news, amvs, music, games, some lovely art work and anything else worth sharing.

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One puuuuuuuuunch!

Where's my one punch fans at? I've watched almost every episode released so far and I'm reading the manta now. I LOVE this series! If were being totally honest here, the idea of this series seemed stupid to me at first...but I stuck with it because Okami liked it so much and....can you say top five favorites? Once I finish the anime I'll do a review of it along with the other reviews I have cooking for you lovely little pumpkins weirdly obsessed with Halloween in July for some reason. So my question to you is....who is your favorite character and why? Go! Explain in comments or tell me your favorite moments. Speed of sound sonic is like, my absolute favorite so far xD I think its because he reminds me of Yato, whom I love dearly. Seriously though, who doesn't love Yato? >w< anyway, sonic is my favorite because he's so over the top and just weird. Also not going to lie, I really like his clothes. I want that bedazzled nin-nin shirt. Like, for real guys...help me xD


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To celebrate passing the hardest test in my class, I wanna to the comic q&a. You lovelies ask me questions, and I'll draw out my responses x) I think it will be a blast so ask as many questions as you like, and have fun!



Questions so far~

Keba: This isn't exactly a question, but... model some of your favorite outfits.

1. You see a MASSIVE spider. What do you do?
2. If you shaved an eevee what do you think it would look like?
3. Do you enjoy... pineapples? (Cause I sure don't!)
5. If you could hang out with an oc of mine, who would it be?
6. If you could hang out with an oc of yours, who would it be?

I may add more but since you're drawing them I don't wanna overwhelm you!

1) If you could meet any deceased historical figure/celebrity, who would it be and what would you do?
2)What's one character you would like to cosplay as?
3)Spicy food. Yay or nay?

That's it so far ^^ I'm accepting a few more at the moment so don't be shy. Later guys!

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Plea of the moon princess, mild introduction

Hello my lovelies! It's eight a.m. and I've already been up for four hours! Thank the gods for coffee and caffeine xD anywho, good morning. I wanted to share with you guys what I have so far on my story for the characters I've been posting lately. I know its super rough and the flow isn't up to par yet, but this is a first draft so cut me a smidge of slack ^^;; this is a little over a year in the making so...as of today this very moment this is all I have. I hope you enjoy~

side note: Please keep in mind they are very young children at this time. These are not so much spelling errors as they are the characters not being able to speak properly yet.
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I'm so nervous about this...T.T


Plea of the moon princess

In a land far away, nestled between our plain of existence and the next grew a beautiful world. It started out the same as any other, growing from a single seed that was tenderly touched by the kiss of the Sun. Nourished by the embrace of water that soon followed. the small seed grew into a large and prosperous planet where all life coexisted in perfect harmony. On this planet, the gods were born and with them rose great kingdoms. The newly born God's created life in their images and thus created bipedal creatures to represent each of them respectively. One such kingdom was that of the moon. Its people bore a crescent emblem on their flawless alabaster skin centered between their shoulder blades. Another was the kingdom of Atlantis, representing the element of water. Unless on land it's native inhabitants were covered in scales and flowing fins.

In the very near future, these two kingdoms would be united by marriage. The son of Atlantis and the daughter of the Moon. "An' with unions like that one a new kingdom was bown! Wight mommy?" A small innocent child chirped as she excitedly wiggled in her silken bed lost in wonder. The mother chuckled and gently stroked her daughter's waist length silver locks. "That's right Poseia darling when two kingdoms come together a new one is born." The mother paused and motioned to the large circular room around them. "What do you notice about your room Poseia dear?" She asked smiling down at the young child.

The child turned her head and looked around her room. She looked closely at the walls of shining silvery marble and the large pillars of salt that rose from the floor to her ceiling like a temple altar. Her eyes fell on the balcony overlooking the large expansive sea just beyond the cliffs. The waves gently crashing on the rocks and cliff base below. The moon's light spilled in from the open glass doors and danced across the floor in a comforting glow. She noticed the window panes unlike the walls and floors were made of crystalized salt.

"Pawts of my woom awe salty?" She asked tilting her head to the side when she looked back at her mother. Her mother chuckled again. "It's not so much your room is salty as it is partially made of salt. . . So what do you think that means Poseia?" She asked her voice softening as well as her gaze. The young girl thought hard wrinkling her forehead lost in deep thought. Her long colorless bangs fell over her face as she scratched her head in confusion. "D-does it mean that we live neaw the ocean?" she asked unable to think of any other answer.

A smile spread across the mother's thin lips. "Indeed we do live near the ocean my dear, but that alone isn't why your room, the house, or even the buildings in town are constructed of marble and salt." She trailed off looking out the large glass doors at the nocturnal serenity outside. "Does it have to do with the stowy then mommy?" The girl asked watching her mother carefully. "I knew you'd figure it out, sweetie." She said without turning away from the scene outside the window.

The girl's eyes lit up like sparkling blue moonstone. "Does that mean a kingdom was bown?!" She asked excitedly jumping to her hands and knees with an expectant grin plastered on her tiny elven like face. With a grin of her own, the mother turned to her daughter with equal excitement. "Yes, it does little one!" She shouted back pouncing on the child tickling her and laughing. After the tickle war subsided Poseia looked up at her mother who was now lying next to her on her large rounded bed. "Mommy, does that mean thewes a king and qween?" She asked her eyes full of wonder. The mother turned on her side facing her daughter. Propping herself up with an arm she poked the girl's nose. "You guessed right dear, it takes two to make a kingdom."


A heavy sigh could be heard from the courtyard of the southernmost kingdom. A young boy sat leaning against the tall wooden walls by a large reflective pond. The navy haired boy gazed intently at the floating Crystal orb in front of him, almost mesmerized by the people within it. His slanted silver eyes watched carefully as the mother and child spoke of kingdoms, princes, and princesses. He sighed again and looked up to the glistening moon hanging lazily overhead. "They talk of creating kingdoms as though it were an easy feat..." His words drifted softly through the air. His delicate wispy voice wandering freely in the chilly night. He continued to fixate on the moon his heavy bangs falling on either side of his thin white face. Giggles rang like silver chimes from the Crystal Orb once again, he turned his attention back to it in time to hear the painful news.

"I can make a kingdom to mommy?!" The girl exploded in excitement. "Yes little one, one day you will make a kingdom with the Prince of the Sun." The mother said proudly. The boy's pale face dropped. Sadness welled within his small frame. The one thing he desired more than anything else was already promised to another. He placed a porcelain hand on his forehead and pushed his bangs away. "Of course she's promised.... she's the daughter of the moon after all...but to him...?" The Prince lamented into the cold night. "It seems as though everything I want gets taken from me..." He looked back to the moon with sadness overtaking him.

"Am I too not a creature of the night.... Am I that detestable?" He asked the moon who had hidden herself from sight with a thick cloud. "No, you are not young master…it's simply others do not understand us." Spoke a faint voice from the shadows. His long pointed ears twitched. "You may approach Yaga…" He said without moving from his position. The old woman stepped forward her long white kimono flowing gracefully behind her as she moved to sit next to her prince. Her faded mint green hair pulled up in a loose bun shifted ever so slightly as she turned to comfort the boy. "Others find us…. harder to approach…and sometimes that means they push us away before really getting to know us." She explained watching him carefully with sympathy welling in her eyes.

"Tch….is that why my marriage proposal was denied and tossed aside for that boisterous idiot's proposal instead? What part of that wretched creature is more acceptable than I, Yaga?" He asked with obvious detest rolling from his lips. "Is it really only because I am of the demon race and he is not?" He asked getting up in a hurry his scarlet trimmed kimono sweeping after him. "I'm not saying that's exactly what the issue is young master…I'm saying it is only a possibility…I would agree with you though, you're a far better match for the lovely maiden than he is." She smiled softly at him. He said nothing only stood with his back to her. His long flowing navy hair pulled back in a deep crimson bow. "I'm the better match you say Yaga? … then perhaps I should prove it." He said with a sly smirk creeping across his impish face.


Poseia by now was far off into the land of slumber at this point. Dreaming of vast seas and mermaids, beaches and dancing in shallow waters. On her beautiful moonlit dance, however, a dark figure lurked. She stopped dancing and faced the figure. Curiously walking towards it. "H-hewwo?" she asked to the figure. Stepping from the shadows the figure came into focus. It was a boy she hadn't ever met before. With long heavy hair to his mid back pulled into a low ponytail with a deep cherry bow. "Do I know you?" She asked watching the boy carefully. He smiled a genuine heartwarming smile and extended a hand towards her bowing slightly. "Not yet, my love, I was hoping for a dance to get acquainted?"

Her face flushed bright red and she nervously took his ashen hand. "Y-you can't call me that, I'm a pwincess." She said with a twinge of defiance in her voice. He chuckled at her, his laughter and smile reaching his silver eyes. "What shall I call you then miss princess?" He asked in a teasing voice as he gently pulled her closer leading into a waltz. Her voice may be defiant but her mannerisms and face betrayed her. "M-my name is pwincess Poseia and you shouldn't laugh at me!" Half red from the boy's actions and half red from anger, she followed his steps as best she could.

Slowly they waltzed in the low shallow waves as the mermaid band played a soft, light melody. She finally looked back up at him, face still red when she realized he hadn't given his name. "Hey wait, you nevew said youw name." After pointing that out to him he gave an apologetic smile. "Forgive me Princess Poseia, I seem to have forgotten my manners. My name is Adrian, Adrian Demour." He paused stopping the dance as well only to pull her closer and whisper in her ear. "A name I hope you shan't forget." Before she could protest again he glided off into the waltz again. She wanted to snap at him for teasing her, but she found her head lost in a fog. Her movements in the dance matched his now. Silky and fluid as the gentle music played. She forgot she was angry with him as the fog thickened in her mind. Her anger and embarrassment melted away and transformed into joy.

As they danced together the scenery slowly faded and contorted into a formal ballroom complete with soft lit floating candles and a light-hearted orchestra playing for them. She didn't recognize the people around her or their features that differed from her own. She kept smiling and giggling as they chatted and danced into the sweet night. It was a blissful eternity that was over all too soon. Adrian once again stopped the dance and pulled the princess close, their bodies touching this time. "Alas my dear princess, the morning is upon us…I must leave you for now." He whispered as the music began to fade to a close.
"Wait, you can't go yet!" she protested with a pout still completely surrendered to the gleeful fog tenderly embracing her young mind. He smiled warmly at her and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Don't tell anyone about our meeting my love, let this be our little secret hmm?" he asked in his velvety yet wispy voice. Her face flushed once again as she dropped her head and nodded. Pleased with her response and silent promise Adrian himself took on an ethereal appearance, slowly disappearing into the white mist of the princesses' mind. "Don't forget me princess~" was the last thing echoing in her mind when she awoke in her marble and salt palace in the west kingdom.