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I decided to make a new world for all things anime and games related. Because lets face it, we all need an escape from time to time yes? So this is where Ill share some of my favorite places to escape to ^^ Ill post anime news, amvs, music, games, some lovely art work and anything else worth sharing.

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I think I'm in love

So....I'm caught up on class work and started a new series....I think I'm in love with K-on! Can you be in love with an anime? I think it happened...it...it's just so damn cute!!! Also my personality is sooooo well captured Sith the characters. I'm so 50% Mio and 50% Yui xD

This couldn't end badly at all xD

So I found this on fb while browsing a few minutes ago and thought, "eh why not? This could be a fun meme." So yeah let's see what you guys come up with xD let's break up some of the monotony

I did a bad thing

So I finished Inugamhime and started a series that is ongoing and....I ran out of chapters and I'm hopelessly addicted to this series! It's called ano hi mita hana no namae wo bokutachi. Honestly guys, it's freaking amazing! Once I finish it, I'll give it a more in-depth review than the first one I did. But man, this story is a master piece! If you haven't already, check it out, it's great!

inugamihime no shimobe

I just read this manga short from beginning to end and I have to say I really enjoyed it. So much so that I want to share it with everyone. Yes it has its tropes but hey, it's cute and th characters are likable. Without further adieu, let's begin.

This story is about a young misunderstood man by the name of Taromaru Inudzuka. He's a high school student with a younger sister to support and not much else. People confuse is social awkwardness as being a delinquent and he doesn't have much in the way of friends. Needless to say, the guy needs a change! That's when a white feathered arrow fell from the sky and struck him right in the head! Yes sir/or Madam you heard right, in his head. No blood or anything just through it like the gag head bands. What does this mean you ask? That the Inugamhime that lives on the cursed mountain has chosen him as her new "sacrifice". He must go up the mountain to meet this princess to keep the peace of his village or it will be cursed by the princess. To save the village, he has to give his life...but who will take care of his sister? What would befall the village if he ran away? What is this princess like and why does she need a sacrifice?!

Spoilers beyond this point

I used the word "sacrifice" in my brief summary of the series because it's the word baba uses when speaking to Toromaru about is new cursed status. She sends him up the mountain calling him unclean and a servant to a cursed goddess. Only servants of this "cursed goddess" can make their way through the forest and up the mountain to find Inugamhime castle.

Once he finds the place he finds odd creatures and a pretty girl in a mask? This lovely little flower is the Inugamhime. Every year on her birthday she climbs to tell highest tower and shoots a white tipped arrow into the air hoping to find a servant to call her own. She explains this to him and asks if he will agree to be her servant. If not, the arrow will never leave, and the humans will never accept him back into the village. This means he can never see his sister again. Without seeing a way out he asks what he would have to do as a servant.

The princess looks at him and says, "I want you to grant me my wish" he agrees and she seals the contract with a kiss on the cheek. She reveals her wish as wanting a friend. She's never had one be cause people think she's a cursed god and therefore ignore her. If he can grant her wish, the arrow will disappear and he can be with his sister again.

Review time

As said earlier it does have trope obviously, but you know what? This manga is really cute. I enjoyed it because they interact with each other in the most adorable ways, the characters were likable and May be th princess was a little spoiled but, I mean, she's a goddess. It comes with the territory. I'd give this Usagi's seal of approval and a C + for cuteness.

Oc meme

Borrowed from darlingV

1. How many characters have you created?
All together? More than I can count. Recently, a good many

2. Have you created characters for a fandom? If so, which one/ones?
Yes a few.
Pink - Pokemon
Kuro Chocho - blue exorcist
A siren alchemist - Fullmetal alchemist
There's a couple more but I can't think at the moment lol

3. What is the most important thing, to you, about creating a character?
There isn't just one most important thin to me. It's about how I feel about the fandom or whatever my head comes up with when m sleeping. For me, the entire process is important. I can't always remember details from dreams so it's like all I have is a generic idea of the character. Like "He was a strange quiet fellow. He had time traveling powers. He was a bit of a recluse but cared for his small group of friends when he did leave his house. Messy dresser, tall,..etc" ok so I remember that much, then I sort of mold that and try to recreate the character.
Or, if I'm creating a character on the fly, I think about what I want the character to be. Their morals, sense of self, then I try to create an appearance around those things.

4. Have you created content featuring your character?
Nothing above fanarts and comics in my head. I haven't wrote anything in god knows how long.

5. What do you like most about a character you created?
The final product. It's like, breathing life into parts of yourself.

6. Has anyone else created content featuring your character?
Not that I'm aware of or remember xD my brsi is total mush right now

7. What are your characters to you?
Family. I imagine them as siblings almost.

8. What's your favorite type of character to create/write for?
Challenging ones. I like trying to push myself with my art.

9. What's the first thing you work on when you create your characters?
Why I'm creating them in the first place. Is it because I want to be a part of something? Is it because I had an idea and thought others would enjoy it? If I know why I'm doing it, I feel there's more meaning behind the character.

10. Have you created a character or a type of character that you are ashamed of?
Remember the dead Oc challenge? Check out my entry there....dear god what was I thinking?

11. What are the major inspirations you draw from for your characters?
This will sound corny but honestly dreams and wishes. I say wishes because I sometimes think "wow, I wish I could live in a world where -insert interesting thing here- happens." So I create someone who does.

12. Do you have a type of character you simply cannot or don't want to create?
I've created a wide variety of characters so not really. Well, ok maybe one thing stands out. I'd never want to create a character for a children's show. I feel it sort of mutes characters sometimes.

13. Do you really like someone elses character? If so, why?
Nikkeh I love Vincent! He's so damn cute! I could just hug him to death. I also love a character by a person whom I no longer speak to. Quite a few of her characters I loved.

14. Do you change your characters based off of your own change in mindset?
Oh most definitely. I give a little piece of myself to each one. They each personify something I see inside myself.

15. What character type do you want to see more of.
In my own work? I'm not really sure

16. What's an idea for a character you had, that never became more than an idea?
A monster school girl. She was a succubus (spelling?) but very quiet and shy. She had a small group of friends who were also attending the school. She would get harassed by a mermaids girl for not being, how shall I say, more open with her feelings? She's in love wit one of her best friends but he sees her as 'just one of getting guys' It's kind of a silly Rom com idea

17. If someone wanted to direct a movie involving your OCs, would you let them?
......somehow I don't think a director could put up with me xD I'd drive the poor guy crazy

Thanks for letting me steal this darling!