The Angel Heroes: Info

This is a story that is based on yet another one of my dreams. I hope you like it!


Lucie (Me)- The Dark Angel

Melinda- The Earth Angel

Natalie- The Air Angel

Margie- The Thunder Angel

Mary Test- The Fire Angel

Susan Test- The Water Angel

Madison- The Warrior Angel

Erin- The Speed Angel

Justice- The Light Angel

One day, ten friends were walking home from school. Just a normal day. But little did they know that this was the last 'normal' day that they would ever have, because, when they got to their treehouse, they found a hole in the roof, and a pod in the ground. And inside the pod, were nine rings. The rings then floated up into the air and flew to a girl. The girls were curious to see what the rings did, because they had to be magical. Once they put the rings on, though, a feeling spread throughout their bodies. It was a feeling so powerful, and the girls felt words pulsing inside of them. So powerful, that they just popped right out of their mouths.

Me: Dark Angel, Metamorphosis!

Melinda: Earth Angel, Metamorphosis!

Natalie: Air Angel, Metamorphosis!

Margie: Thunder Angel, Metamorphosis!

Mary: Fire Angel, Metamorphosis!

Susan: Water Angel, Metamorphosis!

Madison: Warrior Angel, Meteamorphosis!

Erin: Speed Angel, Metamorphosis!

Justice: Light Angel, Metamorphosis!

Natalie L : Sound Angel, Metamorphosis!

And they all transformed into angel-like creatures. (I'll give a picture of what each girl looks like and a description of their outfit in each chapter, because you can only post one picture per story.) Well, that's about it. I hope it wasn't too short for you! Bye!