Swim and Battle

Okay. I'm going to be writing this differently from now on, so bear with me!


Mary Test
Susan Test
Johnny Test
Dukey Test
Mark (made up)
Dr. Lockheart (made up)
Jack (made up)


-In this story, Dukey is a Mightyena.
-In this story, all animals are Pokemon.
-In this story, I'm Mary, Susan, and Johnny's cousin who lives next door to Gil.
-In this story, Gil was not at the pool party.


Creamy white top, strapless top with a red plus sign on it
A shiny red tail and shiny red fins
Two red, bunny shaped ears

Creamy white, strapless top with a blue minus sign on it
A shiny blue tail and shiny blue fins
Two blue, bunny shaped ears

Pale yellow T-shirt
An orange tail and orange fins
An orange, three point piece at the top of his head

A pink, light blue, green, purple, yellow, white, bikini top with white flowers on it
A sparkling white skirt with a small light blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow with flowers and gold spots on it, white tail fins and white tail
Long green hair with a hot pink flower in it


In this story, there is a big pool party at the local pool, which neighbors a lab owned by a local scientist, Dr. Lockheart and his assistant, Mark. While the pool party was going on, Dr. Lockheart and Mark were finishing up one of their recent experiments. They were trying to fuse Pokemon DNA with human DNA, and giving the test subjects the choice of being able to turn into a mer person whenever they wanted. With earlier experimenting, Mark got the ability to fuse the two different DNA's by touching th person. And this took place at the pool party. When the time came, he actually asked everyone if they wanted to participate in the experiment. And to the suprise of many, all the kids screamed their acceptance in delight. Mary was infused with Plusle, Susan was infused with Minun, Johnny was infused with Combusken, and I was infused with a very legendary Pokemon, Shamin (or whatever it's called). But, just when all seemed well, down from the sky, came a boy. His name was Jack. He used to be Dr. Lockheart's assistant. But got 'fired' when he tried to take credit for the doctor's work. He had come with revenge in mind. He had come to steal the doctor's experiment. And seeing that the 'experiment' was spread about in the pool, he grabbed one (me), and headed to his lab to try to duplicate the 'experiment' and use it to take over the world. What will happen? Only you can solve it. Or dream it!