Random Camp Anime Story

This is one of my very random dreams. It involves Tokyo Mew Mew, Camp Rock, and a summer camp I went to this summer.

(This is going to be more of a description in prose form, because I don't have my dream journal, where I usually abbreviate things.)

The dream starts when I get dropped off at camp. It's sort of like Camp Rock but bigger and with really big lodges on hills. I walk about a quarter mile up a road and up a winding hill and across a road. It was been my third year there, and in those years, I had gotten a job at a cafe that the camp had. My boss, Ryou (this is where Tokyo Mew Mew comes in), was working, cleaning on one of the tables. "Hey Ryou." "Hey," he replied. "I just came here to check in. I need to go unload my stuff in my cabin." So I set my backpack down and went to my big lodge and unpacked. While I was gone, Ryou had slipped a white MacBook into my bag. It had some weird, and almost invisible writing on the bottom left side.

:End of Day:

My three friends and I had just gotten back into our lodge after camp and work to find that the Jonas Brothers were on the couch. You see, They visit the all the campers every year, because they help run the camp. We had gotten to be good friends (this is where more of Camp Rock comes in). "Hey guys! Great to see you again!: But Before I could take a breathe, I got pulled into a suffocating hug by Kevin. "You to Lucie!" "Kevin, I..... can't...... breath." "Oh, sorry," he said. Just then my cell phone went off. "Please excuse me." I went up to my room and answered it. It was Ryou. "Lucie, it's Celia." Celia is a villain who wants to take over the world. "She wants the computer that's in your bag." "What computer....wait.....you didn't! You DID!! You put her computer in my bag didn't you?! You are so DEAD!!!!! What were you thinking?!" "Well, I had to get it out of the shop or she'd destroy it. And the cafe is where you all should be right now. Celia is coming your way. Get anyone out of there. Fast." He immediately hung up, and I ran back into the room. "Guys, we've got to get out of here. Celia is coming!" Only my three girl-friends understood, leaving the Brothers clueless. "Kevein, Joe, Nick, you guys have got to come to the cafe with us. It's a matter of life or death!" Right then we all rushed to the cafe right before Celia destroyed the lodge.

That is about it. I didn't think of an ending, but if anybody wants me to, or I for some reason feel like it, hopefully I will. I hope you liked it to some degree~