In this world, I will try to post all of my dreams that I find interesting as I have them. If you want me to post dreams I've already had in the past and recorded (and believe me, there are a whole bunch), then please let me know. They may, and most likely will be completely random, so expect the unexpected!:

P.S. This is one of my favorite songs, and I thought that because of the title "Dream Girl", it would be perfect for Dreamland. Get it? Dream and Dream? XD ............ *crickets chirp*

Pure Magic

This is a dream I had just two nights ago. My best friend Natalie and some guys show Roxy (me), a new girl, around the school. We all got along and everything was great, until we ran into Jacob. Jacob, a football player, tried to intimidate me one day while I was wondering around the school. I got mad, we got into it, and I kicked his butt. But then there was something different about Jacob. After our encounter, some strange things started to happen. One day while I was leaving school, some unicorns appeared in the middle of the parking lot. After a lot more weird events, me and my friends start to investigate. Our investigation lead us to the school nurse. She gave us nothing but a riddle. Us group of friends couldn't understand the riddle, but we thought it had something to do with Jacob.

That's about it. I can't really write it out as well as I can imagine it. This might be something I could see turning into a story someday. Please tell me what you think. I promise that I will try to write more often from now on. ^_^

The Angel Heroes: Chapter 1

(happens after they get their powers)
(I am dark/pure angel)


Mary: Well, it's the last day of school!! Do you know what that means?
Madison: No more school work!
Erin: No more cafeteria food!
Susan:Yes, those are both good points, but it also means that we have all summer to figure out what to do with these rings. Mary and I have tried numerous experiments, but nothing has worked so far.
Everybody: *screams of terror*
Lucie: Well, I guess that's our chance.

We all look up to see four dark, menecing shadows coming down on the commons area. They were shaped like men with blood red eyes. As they came down in the center of the large room, all the people, children and teachers, dropped like flies onto the cold, hard ground. They were getting closer to us, and were closing in.

Margie: Well, there's only one thing to do.

Thunder Angel, Metamorphosis!
Air Angel, Metamorphosis!
Warrior Angel, Metamorphosis!
Sound Angel, Metamorphosis!
Speed Angel, Metamorphosis!
Light Angel, Metamorphosis!
Pure Angel, Metamorphosis!
Fire Angel, Metamorphosis!
Water Angel, Metamorphosis!

Justice: Well, now what do we do?
???: Nothing.

(I'm cutting it off there because I'm too lazy to write the rest.)


Two Mew Mews in America with Sailor Moon

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF MY TOKYO MEW MEW FAN STORIES! I just had the dream last night! (It all happens after the aliens leave Earth.) It is about Lettuce and me moving to America (where I used to live), along with our new found friends, the Sailor Scouts! We met them at the airport, and became friends ever since. (I'm not going to explain this, but somehow me and lettuce became Sailor Scouts! She is Sailor Comet, and I am Sailor Earth.) I MIGHT BE WRITING A STORY ABOUT THIS LATER, BUT NO GUARANTEES. SO YOU CAN READ FURTHER IF YOU WOULD LIKE, BUT IF YOU REALLY WANT ME TO WRITE A STORY, LET ME KNOW AND DO NOT READ AHEAD!

We figured out we live near eachother! A few days later, I throw a party to celebrate my return, and to celebrate my new friends moving here as well, but then, me and Lettuce meet up with and old friend. Or should I say ....... ENIMY! Kish shows up! We ask the Sailor Scouts, Luna, and Artemis to clear the place out, and soon, nobody was there. We had a conversation, blllllaaaahhhh, he told us that they have a new leader who still doesn't think the aliens should give in that easily, blllllllaaaaahhh, he has been forced to come back and reclaim the Earth for the aliens, bbbllllllllaaaahh, and he acts evil again. But just in time, somehow, Ryou shows up and throws us our Mew pendants. We can transform again!

And that's pretty much it! Oh, except for the fact that I am part mermaid (don't ask) and can turn into one when in the water. This is not associated with Mermaid Melody. I thought about it, but it was to complicated.

Well, I hope you like it! look out for chapter one of, "Two Mew Mew Scouts in Ameria". If you can think of a better title, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'M COMING UP WITH THIS FROM THE TOP OF MY HEAD!

P.S. You Mew DNA is the Bottle-nose Dolphin (wether it's extinct or not!) :3

The Angel Heroes: Character Bio- part 8.2

This is a picture of Natalie L. (I'm just going to call her Nat.)

Sound Angel

The Angel Heroes: Melinda

I changed what Melinda looks like, so this is what she looks like now. (By the way, I found most, if not all of these pictures on