Let Your Imagination Run Free

Anything you can imagine can become reality in this world. Be careful what you wish for...

A modern fantasy role play (RP) open to all members. See the following posts for more information about the story and how to create your character. We are open for applications!

Role Play Rules/FAQ
Abilities/Battle Mechanics
Character Creation
Members & Points
Conference Room

Looking for members and helpers! Please comment here if interested.


This role play will be moving to DeviantArt. Here is the link:

Dream Weavers is Open for Apps!

Welcome to the "Dream Weavers" role play! The group is open for apps. 1. Comment below if you would like to join! 2. Please read the following posts for information that you will need to build your app:...

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Dream Weavers Conference Room

Share your thoughts and get the latest updates!

Anyone want to discuss ideas for NPCs?
We will need...

  • The official in charge of gathering this anti-Nightmare force
  • A "handler" directly supervising, interacting with and taking care of the Dream Weavers, maybe one of the scientists or policemen. (The Recruiters may help with this.)
  • A doctor

Should the Dream Weavers assigned to recruiting new members be playable characters or NPCs? Anyone interested in role playing a Recruiter?

-> Already got some interest here, so I'll open up a couple slots!
1. kita mikichi
2. [open]
3. [open]

UPDATE: Edited Character Creation with guidelines for Recruiters.

Creator Slots
As of the role play's opening, we will only have one slot available for Dream Weavers with Creator abilities.

The winner of the Creator Raffle is 1.KyraChan.

Raffle Entry Numbers
1. KyraChan
2. Judai Winchester
3. Keba Si Rota

[Any suggestions for other topics?]

Dream Weaver Abilities & Battle Mechanics

Types of Dream Weavers Innovators Weavers that project their imagination onto a base. Most Dream Weavers' abilities fall under this category. Artisans Weav...

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Members & Points

Members Mods kita mikichi - Isabel KyraChan - ...

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