Arc Profile:

Pokemon: Arcanine

Name: Arc

Age: 20

Birthdate: August 24

Hair color: Creamish with light brown at ends.

Hair length: Short in front, long in back

Eye color: Brown

Skin tone: light

Type of Pokemon: Fire

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: N/A

Held item: Nothing

Relationships: N/A

Attacks: Extreme speed, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Crunch, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Flash Fire, Morning Sun, Flare Blitz

Personality: Arc is very much a gentleman. He's very respectful and kind towards others. Although he usually wears a smile, it is very hard to tell how he's actually feeling. Not one to speak about himself, Arc will never speak of his past if asked; he will usually change the subject, making it difficult for others to trust him completely, even though he can be very loyal. He can also be very protective but he tends to run from his problems instead of face them head on. He can be passive- aggressive at times.

Hometown: N/A

Likes: Warm places, sitting by a fire, sweet things, sleeping, running through fields, wrestling for fun, horsing around(though he can be serious when he needs to)

Dislikes: swimming, cold weather, bad attitudes, pointless fighting, all-too serious people.

Fears: Drowning, commitment, being part of experiments, hunters/scientists

Weaknesses: Ground, Water, and Rock pokemon.

Strengths: Grass, Bug, Ice, and Steel

Full Outfit: Large orange and black jacket with tiger design and fuzzy hood rim, black pants, black boots.

Looks: External Image

Background: Arc was raised in a very prestigious family whose name was very well known for protecting and keeping order in the clan. With strict behavior rules, Arc was rarely able to partake in childish games with others, no matter how harmless they were. Though he didn't mind, Arc still wished he could be allowed more freedom like other growlith gijinka children were granted. At a very young age, Arc was kidnapped by hunters and sold on the black market to a rich family who raised him to be the protectorate for the youngest daughter of the family, however- he was treated more like a freakish pet than a bodyguard. This led Arc to have little trust for those around him and set higher standards for himself. He shows little of his true emotions and will mostly cover up everything with a smile.

While under the ownership of the human family, Arc was also made a test subject for a scientist whose goals were to create a perfect pokemon. With many failed attempts, Arc was left very ill and weak from the excessive drugging and toxins. Not only did he refrain from fighting completely, he also needed to be placed on many different medications to keep him stabilized and living. Seeing him as a useless being, now, the family tossed him away and left him to die.

Arc managed to survive without medication for a while, but soon enough needed to find a specialist to provide him with the medication he needed to continue living. He soon considered himself a pacifist and was determined to live everyday to the fullest, considering he wouldn't live as long as he'd like to.

Aaaanndd here's the profile! ^^;; Took a long time to think over and I don't think it's that good..>_>; But it's something! lol