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Big Boy's not a Boy anymore

He's a man *_____* <3

After seeing the mega evolution for Lucario I was like OMG LUCA NEEDS AN EVOLUTION <3

If you think he just walked off the face of the earth, then you're WRONG. My baby's been out training. <3 21 yr old Luca has now matured, and he's more built too~~~~ <33333

Hope you guys didn't forget about him. ; u ;


Just a little post for ya'll to be prepared...

Cuz there's somethin' big coming. * u * <3


Luca Painting: WIP

EDIT:::::::: Here's the finished product with some closeups :)

External Image

Since I have a break this week, I decided to give traditional work (AP Art HW) a rest, and try getting back into digital work. So, inspired by Lily's style of art, I tried to do a painting in her style. I'm hoping to master it. >__<; Hopefully in time I will. I'll always see some of my style mixed in though, can't help that. lol

I'm not showing you his eyes yet here.(He's self conscious about them ._.) Heheheh. But he won't be wearing a mask in this painting~ <3

Luca: *growls*

Anyway, enjoy the wip! ^^ I don't know when I'll finish this, but I want to take this week long break to really be productive (while still relaxing) lol.

Look at those lips. Don't cha' wanna kiss em'? >D

Luca's Voice (possibly)

Edit::::::: So, I'm loving Jerry Jewell's voice acting. From what I'm familiar with, he's done Kyo from Fruit's Basket, and Vino (<3333333333333333) from Baccano!. After Eneko's suggestion, I think I'd like to go with his voice for Luca....

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