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Big Boy's not a Boy anymore

He's a man *_____* <3

After seeing the mega evolution for Lucario I was like OMG LUCA NEEDS AN EVOLUTION <3

If you think he just walked off the face of the earth, then you're WRONG. My baby's been out training. <3 21 yr old Luca has now matured, and he's more built too~~~~ <33333

Hope you guys didn't forget about him. ; u ;


Just a little post for ya'll to be prepared...

Cuz there's somethin' big coming. * u * <3



*flips a table over then grabs a beer* That's how sh*t gets done around here.



Hello PGR members, those I know and those I may have not met.

This may disappoint most of you, but I need to speak up, otherwise I'm just going to continue letting people down. Unfortunately I will be leaving PGR. I really can't keep up anymore. With school and trying to gain commissions, just thinking about how far behind in PGR I am puts stress on me. I just can't muster up any writing for this club anymore. The interest died in me... ;n;.. And I don't think it's fair to all the members who post so much and put in so much effort. But I know with all the activity in PGR, it's going to continue on great. I want to focus on other things now, but don't get me wrong. I loved PGR. And it's been fun. I'm sorry I didn't get to know most of you, but hopefully my leaving doesn't discourage anyone from talking to me. I'm not getting rid of my characters, nor am I giving up this world, so if you ever wanna play with Arc and Luca, just pm me.

F*** Me Maybe?

Yooo, haven't posted here in some fuckn' time. Yeah anyway I wrote my own version of a song you all fuckn' know, and if you don't, just walk away. My pimp hand's sore. Check it out or get the fuck outta my face. *points below* I wouldn'...

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