Damaris's Profile

Pokemon: Dragonair

National #: 148

Title: Dragon pokemon

Type of Pokemon: dragon and water

Held Item: lava cookie

Ability: shed skin (she can solve status problems by changing her skin)

Attacks: twister, hyper beam, water pulse, surf and dragon breath.

Weak Against: ice and dragon.

Name: Damaris d’Arcy

Nick Names: D

Gender: feminine

Age: 21 yrs

Birthday: 1st February

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Sign: Aquarius

Element: Water

Height: 1,7 m (5 feet and 7 inches?)

Weight: 60 kg

Chest: don’t know.

Hair Color: blue.

Hair Length: past her shoulders

Eye Color: brown

Skin Tone: pale.

Build: normal?

Markings/Scars: None.

Tattoos: None.

Piercings: None.

Looks: ummm…like the one in the pic I drew already tehehe…I’m sorry I’m
not very good describing it.

Full Outfit: ummm…like the one in the pic I drew already tehehe…I’m sorry I’m not very good describing it.

Persona: she is very kind and easy-going. She travels a lot so she is used to get along everyone but she never makes friends since she moves fast from city to city looking for her long lost brother. She hates spoiled brats that only brag about their money and loves to make them look stupid. Although she comes from a wealthy family and she knows how to behave with the high society she prefers to be with not rich people and eat at small cafes and stuff like that.

She has been looking for her brother since a long time and her only wish is to find him since he loved (in a brother and sister way) him very much and he was the only one who understood her when they were little. That turned to be an obsession by know and she mostly talk about that.

Another one of her obsessions is to keep everything clean, she gets stressed out when someone that looks very dirty hugs her, kiss her or whatever physical contact you could imagine.

Orient: straight

S/O: Delin

Rival: unknown.

Siblings: Only one older brother (4 years older) whose name is Drake the

Relationships: She talks with everyone and it’s very polite but since she’s so obsessed in finding her brother she doesn’t have true friends at all.

Hometown: Lilycove city

Grade: she finished school and she didn’t enter the university since she already knew how to play many instruments and sings good.

Job: She travels all around so doesn’t have a job although she likes to sing and it’s good at acting so when she runs out of money in her trips she just finds the closest bar or theater and sings/act if she is accepted by the owner of the place.

Song Name: Where are you now?

Song Artist: Britney Spears.


Likes: chocolate, warm food, orchids, clean things, and things that
remember the towns she has been to.

Dislikes: spoiled brats that only brag about their money, people who won’t let her sing and treat other people as if they worth nothing and unclean things.

Fears: Bats, insects that fly, getting dirty.

Strengths: singing, traveling, cleaning (she’s a cleaning maniac) and she’s fast in taking decisions.

Weaknesses: cooking she burns everything, having normal relationships.



Food: onion soup.

Drink: red wine hehehe just kidding… she loves pink lemonade.

Color: blue.

Flower: orchids

Tree: sakura tree when they blossom

Season: spring (since it’s easy to travel at that time)

Activity: Traveling.


She was born in a very rich family at Lilycove city. Her mother was a famous singer and her father was a famous dancer. But they got killed in an accident in a cruiser when she was just 7 years old. It happened while they were travelling around the world showing their talent in every place they stopped; the cruiser got hit by a hurricane and was destroyed into pieces. Damaris was saved since she had stayed at home because her aunt ( a tentacruel) wanted to teach her etiquette. But her brother didn’t share her luck he was in the cruiser when the accident occurred but was saved by a masked man who kidnapped him while the hurricane was approaching. Or at least that’s what the only survivor of the accident told Damaris, and since then she has looked everywhere to find his older brother.