Top 10 Ways to Annoy an Otaku

10. Find a pet name they hate, and call them that every time they log into chat. This especially works when newbs start calling them that.

9. Insult thier favorite anime, and give them no reason for it. Example: Gundum sucks. IDK why. It just does.

8. Have multiple accounts, and get annoyed when they can't remember all your names.

7. Consistantly confuse thier gender.

6. Devote art to them that they can't stand.

5. Give vague reviews of thier work.

4. Give them a stream of spoilers on what they're watching. (Seriously, we want to see the ending ourselves!)

3. Try to show off by speaking japanese. We subtitle stuff for a reason.

2. Get them in trouble with the mods. No one likes a tattle-tale

1. Pretend you don't know what anime is, and say you just got on to "meet people" but that you hate japanese "cartoons".