Student Orientation.

I just got home from my student orientation at the college I will be attending this fall. My mother is rather worried. Why? Well, I have a good schedule, my dorm is pretty nice, the campus is beautiful, all the students are friendly...

But, I found out they have an anime/manga/gamer/Japanese-culture club, funded by the school! They go to at least one con every year, the school pays for it, and even helps with the outfits! They get together once a week just to spend three hours watching anime, then trade manga and stuff. I talked about it all the way home, then got on my friends laptop so we could watch AMVs and talk about some of the animes I saw cosplays of while we were checking out the clubs booth.

I got a lecture on attending to my studies, trying to find "normall" friends (ones who don't greet you in Japanese and think cat ears are sexy), and putting my education first. (Then a guy walked up with a huge shirt that had the stylized "L" on it. hehe)

Well, My grades are good, anime won't stop that, normall is overrated anyway, and japanese culture is VERY education. LOL

Don't get my wrong, finals week, I'm gonna have my head stuck in my science book like everyone else. I am going to use enough pencils to kill a rain forest taking notes, like any colege student. I will catch up on all my reading for lit class before I read the newest Fruits Basket manga, or check out the next Death Note episode... But If I want to dress up like a japanese-school girl and spend three hours with a group of other otaku-nerds watching red-heads chase shinigami with big swords... then I am 18, I am in college, and I am allowed to relax my own way. I am also intitled to drive my roomate nuts with posters, manga, and anything else I want to put on my side of the dorm. She may have all the boy-bands she likes.

So, to all you others out there about to hit the "real world" of adult, remember, study hard, work hard, be friendly, and never be afraid to display you're fandom. We are here, we are cool, we are OTAKU!