These are just my random, and often intense, thoughts on pieces of the world we live in. A lot of it will be about anime or manga, though some of it will be about polotics, social aspects, or just me and my life. I often get frustrated, and need to blow off steam. So, try to take this with a grain of salt. I never mean to offend people, but I can be harshly honest, and I really want people to open their eyes, and maybe notice something they didn't know before.

OK, basic stats on me...
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Location: Texas
Relationship stats: Single
Family: Two parents, Four younger siblings
Occupation: College student/ Cashier

Also, if you have any questions on anything I've written, or about me, feel free to PM me. I am very open, and do not mind questions, even personal ones. I also really appreciate comments. Opinions and ideas are welcome, just please try to keep it objective. Thanks in advance, and enjoy!

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I'm a journalist!

I know I haven't written much here lately. But, well, I've been writing for school and my new job. I'm actually really excited. I recently got hired as an online journalist, writing reviews for local places in my area. I'd really appreciate it if you would all come, read my work, and comment on it.

If any of my fellow writers on this site are interested in a position on this site, contact me so I can recommend you and we'll get a bonus. Or, if not, at least let me know what you think of my writing. I'm always trying to improve.

Thanks a ton and have a good adventure today!

3D vs 2D

By now, I’m sure most, if not all of you have seen the 3D movies offered in most theaters. I have seen several of these films myself, with mixed emotions. Like most technology, it’s wonderful, when in its proper place, and like most me...

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Ten Things I Hate About Celty

Ten Things I Hate About Celty (From DURARARA!)

1. She texts with one hand. I mean, honestly, who uses all five fingers to text? That’s got to take many hours of boredom to perfect

2. She’s in love with a mad scientist/pervert. Doesn’t matter how much a guy compliments you, that’s creepy.

3. She has a helmet with neko ears on it. I WANT ONE!

4. She like, gives up on her main mission half-way through the show. At first it all “find my head, find my head” then she randomly switches gears. If you have a desire, stick to it!

5. Her motorcycle whinnies. I know it’s supposed to be a horse and all, but it sounds like there is something broken on it. Very un-cool.

6. She is scared of the police. You’re a mythical monster of legend, and you’re scared of the local cops. Really?

7. She never has to eat. Seriously, she has the perfect body and never has to worry about a balanced diet or anything like that.

8. She giggles. Again, creature of legend, and she has giggle fits?

9. She randomly makes things out of smoke, but she can’t just make herself a new head, instead of that helmet thing?

10. She wears a skin-tight leather suit, then gets mad when her boyfriend hits on her. Now that’s just not fair.

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, school starts again monday. I now have 15 hours worth of classes and a 30 hour a week job. Thats the bad news. The good news is I'm finally going to be able to get rid of some of the brain rot that set in during the summeer, and sinc...

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OK. First of all, I'm ticked off at my job. They are threating to fire me because I clocked in late a couple of times, because I couldn't get to a computer in order to get clocked in, and then I was sick one day. I mean, do they seriously want me ...

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