Name: Satomi Hama

Age: 13

Rank: Chunin

Strengths: Using long-distance weapons, esp. kunai or shuriken, stealth, taijutsu, can sense chakras, can summon cats, fire jutsu, determination, strategy, is mildly good at medicine.

Weaknesses: Is terrible against genjutsu, can be rude, can be hard on herself, can panic in the middle of a fight

Bio (brief): With her mother dead and her father (a skilled jonin) often away on missions, she's often left to her own devices. Her closest friends are Talos and her sensei, Keisuke. Her boyfriend is Kyo. Lately she's been suffuring from panic attacks, but she tries to hide it from the ones she loves in order to prevent them from worrying.

Defining features: Scars all over her back and one on her right cheekbone. She often wears a necklace with an orange pendant that had belonged to her mother.

Mysterious Merchant

Since this is a mostly self-contained series of posts, I'll just create this page-by-page and update the page whenever a new page is written. * * * I glared up at the blonde-haired dolt ...

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Chunin Exams

Pre-Exam Katsu, completely ignoring the crowd of students gathered at the elevator, walked straight to a door at the end of the hall. "Uh..." Satomi said. "Shouldn't we b...

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Buried too Deep - Satomi


Naruto better not be wrong about this... she thought as she sprinted (well, as much as limping has fast as she could be could be called sprinting) towards Keisuke's apartment, trying to ignore the pain coursing through her leg that begged her to stop.

Though she'd never admit it, she had spent multiple nights up late staring at the stars, wondering how one labeled "friend" could do something so vicious. It had haunted her days and nights, trying to figure out the answer.

Reaching her destination, she pounded his door violently until it flew open with a thundering "What!?"

Giving in to the anger coursing through her veins, she quickly grabbed his shirt and raised her fist to punch him before slowly lowering it.

Violence will get us nowhere. "An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind" her father would say.

She took a deep breath, resisting the urge to break down and cry, like... a weakling would. Holding Keisuke's cold, emotionless gaze, she asked the question that had been following her for the past week.

"You've abandoned your family. You've turned a cold shoulder to your friends. But you... you tried to kill me! I have scars all over my back that will probably never go away, and I may never be able to walk the same again! Out of everyone, I think I deserve an answer an answer to this question the most: Why? What could make you so violent? Why don't you care about us? WHY DO YOU TORTURE US LIKE THIS!?"

Hospitalized Thinking

The stupid thing about hospitals Satomi thought bitterly is that they give you a lot of time to think about things you don't want to think about.

The sting of Keisuke's cold apathy still lingered. Was everything he said, did... Was it all a lie? Letting her chase him down, training her fire release - all a lie?

Of course it was a lie, you idiot. All that stupid jerk cared about was him and his stupid uncle. He didn't even blink when he tried to kill you. All you were to him was a punching bag - an insignifigant object used only to get all your anger out on. If it breaks, it's replaceable... If I break, I'm replaceable...

Her fists tightened as she fought back tears, not for the first time that day. Her entire stay had been an inner battle trying to convince herself that she meaned something, that she was worth more than the piece of meat Keisuke had treated her as.

Did everyone think of her that way? To Sasuke...was she nothing but a troublemaker? To Naruto.... Was she nothing but entertainment?

Trying not to drown in her tears, she desperately wished for a visitor.


I suppose anyone could respond, though I'd prefer it to be Naruto or Sasuke. Moru and Kimiko already visited, and I'm not sure what else they could say, and Keisuke seems to have no reason to visit her. So whatever goats your float.