Ki's Rant +snippet+

Another little snippet I wrote >.> Ki is an angry angry person :0

In the darkest shadows of an alley a concealed figure smirked showing white teeth through the blackness "I am a creature of darkness and the night. It is not your place to know who I am"
Blue eyes glaring, the slender girl paced towards the voice. As she approached it she pulled something out of her pocket and made a quick stabbing motion towards the voice.
"OW!" It yelled lunging at its brown-haired attacker who quickly side-stepped. "Did you just stab me in the arm with a pencil?? What in HELL is wrong with you!?" the figure revealed to be another girl with her head shaved bald with the exception of two pigtails declared.
The other girl sneered pushing her narrow-framed glasses up higher onto her nose "What's wrong with me you ask? What's wrong with ME? I'll tell you what's wrong with ME."
The other girl stepped back slightly.
"You know that nasty we encountered earlier? The one that nearly killed me and totally outranked me power-wise?? That kind of thing is NORMAL for me. My best friend is an evil witch who's prone to going on destructive rampages I'm the only one who can easily snap her out of. The process of which I might add normally involves me going through a field of magical bolts that could easily kill me if one actually managed to hit me. My girlfriend's older sister is an over-powered half-dragon who's favorite hobby in the world is molesting me. And, my father...let me tell you about my father Kirelli. My father was a rather powerful demon. He got that way despite having an only slightly less negligible amount of demon blood then myself via a rather vicious ritual which involved KILLING my mother by the way. Jerk wanted me to undergo the same ritual. I wound up killing him with a kitchen knife. A KITCHEN KNIFE. Who the crap kills demons with kitchen knives?? That's not even the end of it! Almost everyone I know is far more powerful then me either from rank, power, or both. Not only that, I seem to be the designated victim! Whenever some nasty creature decides it holds a grudge against ANYONE who has a passing fondness for me and I wind up kidnapped like some pathetic female from an insipid fantasy novel!"
A small furry creature crept up at the ranter's feet. She leaned over and picked up the tan ferret scratching it on the head before it settled around her shoulders.
"Not only that! What power I DO have is either only good for imbuing objects with some limited abilities or will drive me insane! I'm part of a freaking prophecy to destroy the universe! Therefore, weird beings I can't even imagine want me dead or enslaved for some weird prophecy. Which is made worse by me being pretty much incapable of using the very power they so covet. When some insipid little snit who seems to have their mind-set stuck on high-school goth who's actually WEAKER then me pops up trying to intimidate me due to the fact that she's one of the ONLY people that my friend the witch doesn't actually want to sleep with...well quite frankly it really pisses me off. I'm more of a creature of darkness then you'll ever be you egotistical slut...and I wear WHITE a good chunk of the time." She ran a hand trying to smooth her now ruffled and static ridden hair. "Good. Night." Stalking inside the nearby building she slammed the door leaving Kirelli standing there shocked and slightly bleeding.

Savvanah's Fate +snippet+

Silly very short snippet with me making fun of my issues with names.

Savvanah ran off into the distance of the countryside cackling madly.
Terry sighed rubbing his temples as he turned to the blue haired girl carrying the huge book next to him. "Suriya…you still can't get any info on Savvanah, huh?"
Suriya sighed and flipped through her book. "None sir. I can find Savannas alright, but no Savanna Catarina Damone. I looked through the descriptions in case there was something weird going on with her name, but none of them match her. She's probably under a powerful cloaking spell."
Terry ran a hand through his black hair and looked at her book through the fingers of the hand over his face. "Suriya…her name is 'Savvanah'. With two 'V's and one 'N'."
Suriya's violet eye twitched "That…that is NOT a real spelling of Savanna!"
Terry shrugged. "Her parents were hippies. They probably couldn't remember how to spell it right."
The girl's eye twitch kept up "Still…just GAH!" she flipped through the pages of her book quickly. "Ah-hah! She's right here. This should be most of her info…" she said eyes quickly skimming over the page. "…Terry…do you see what I do?"
Terry's blue eyes widened as he read through the same page "…Suriya….we can't let her know if she doesn't already. And, if she does know we can't let on that we're aware of this."
She nodded grimly. "So, we keep pretending I can't find her fate then?"

About Drackovack

Drackovack is the fantasy universe I created which houses my characters.
The first thing to go over is that Drackovack is actually the name of three things-
The Drackovack Storyverse which covers all things that have to do with Drackovack.
The land Drackovack which is a crazy fantasy land.
And, finally the kingdom of Drackovack.

The universe of Drackovack is shaped like a doughnut. The land of Drackovack is the border between the unordered chaos lands and the fabric of reality. On the unordered side there's not really anything, and what does exist may flash in or out of existance in a flash. By some quirk more powerful existances tend to last longer so the main things on the other side of the barrier are uber-powerful chaos gods. They want to break into reality to become "real" but if they were near it they'd destroy it. The close proximity to all of this chaos is part of the reason why beings living in Drackovack have stronger magic and are generally just stronger then members of their race living on the planets.

The planets tend to have weaker magic and be more technology based. The closer the planets are to Drackovack the stronger the magic in them. Most of the races and gods on Drackovack are refugees from wars on the planets.

The country of Drackovack is ruled by a royal family that are all essentially half dragons on top of any other species they may be. This is due to for some reason the dragon creator God managed to arrange it so that the dragons attained stewardship to the land of Drackovack.