Hi guys!

DoodleHouse has been revamped into Elricz' Music Hub, where I'll share songs that I love (with Youtube links if I can find them), as well as input on other songs and artists.

321 Fanfiction Central has moved to Sakusha No Heya!, which was formerly OC Stories Headquarters. The post regarding the move will stay, but the stories got moved a while ago.


My current favorite song: "Down" by Mat Kearney (Album = Young Love)

L33tStr33t Boys

They're the L33tStr33t Boys... Matt, Justin, Rose, and D-Dos, four radical awesome peoples that rock the otakuverse with their reference-heavy lyrics and otaku-focused style.

Every Otaku needs to watch this... especially the fangirls. Especially the fangirls.

"Imaginary Boys" by LeetStreet Boys (the 3s as es are optional)

The Cave

Sung at my Peer Ministry Training Retreat... with an awesome guy from some other parish playing the guitar. It was so awesome, pretty much everyone was singing (except the kids like me who didn't know the words...).

And my team wants to sing it during Adoration next time we host a Youth Night... is it too cheerful? Apparently songs for Adoration have to be somber...

Come on Get Higher

By Matt Nathanson

THEM FEELS AGAIN... CURSE YOU PANDORA!!! (No not the box my Greek-geeks... well that too but I mean the online radio service.)

Comes and Goes (In Waves)

By Greg Laswell...

This song gives me the feels... seriously.

Stirling/Hollens Time!

The uber amazing and musical Lindsey Stirling (whose album with a SIGNED COVER I possess) collaborated with the also amazing and musical Peter Hollens (whom she has collaborated with before) to create this Star Wars Medley!

Feast your eyes (and your ears) on this amazingness!

(It's made of a combination of 135 tracks of Peter singing and Lindsey tearing up the violin--not literally of course!)